There are chances for the waiver of a sequel of “No Game No Life Season 2” in the upcoming years!! Click to know more details about the anime!


Anime is the most pleasing one in human life. What if the anime has the world of games in it? Isn’t that awesome to watch?! I heard you! Yes, it will be awesome to watch the beautiful combination of the gaming world and the anime in one series. Are you wondering which series deals with this two? Never worry! Here is the series called “No Game No Life”. Without much ado, let us dive into the topic!

Release Date: NGNL Season 2

Unfortunately, the publishing date of the next season of the series “NGNL” was not legally declared openly. It makes the audience feel low as they are waiting for the sequel for so long. Everyone knows waiting is an intense one in one’s life. But the fans are waiting for the series for so long. To cheer them up here is good news too! There are chances for the waiver of a sequel in the upcoming years. So have faith and hope in the release of the sequel.

Cast: NGNL Season 2

As there is no official information regarding the publishing date of the series. If the series has a sequel that gets a release, then there might be some familiar characters from season 1. Those characters are listed here. Shiro, Sora, Stephanie, Izuna, Jibril, Chlammy, Fiel, etc.

Plot: NGNL Season 2

“NGNL” is a fiction series with components of a tournament. People from worldwide loved it and they engaged themselves in the series. The protagonists Shiro and sora are the internet siblings or the online gamers who hide their true identity beneath the popular online nicknames which appear to be a game to the people using this game. As it is a Light fiction got distributed when the anime was premiered on TV in the year 2012.

The plot for the next season of NGNL was not out as there is no official information regarding it. So the production unit asks the audience to wait patiently till they announce the release date.

Storyline: NGNL Season 2

As the waiver duration of the series, “NGNL” season 2 was not legally out, no storyline was declared yet. Enthusiasts fear a lot observing the waiver of the following season. Since the primary season was off in mid-2014, it took more time and did not publish the following season or declaring the waiver duration. This created huge anxiety among the audience.

This series was peddled more than 9500 manuscripts for each quantity. And till now there are 3 quantities published. So in total 16500+ manuscripts were peddled. It came to be popular all over the world within few days.

The series “NGNL” was born in the hands of Yū Kamiya, and the office of Madhouse. In this sequel, the whole world appears like a tournament as the title denotes.

Trailer: NGNL Season 2

Trailers are the helping hands for the audience to judge the full movie within minutes. Here the trailer for the next season was not out yet. So the trailer of the initial season was fastened here for your convenience. Grab your coke and enjoy the series with your friends and family! Stay tuned for more updates!


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