I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 3 is unlikely to return on Netflix anytime soon! Read all the anime details here!


Anime lovers, you must have heard the name of the Netflix production titled I’m Standing on a Million Lives which has loosely followed the tracks of a manga series of Japan written by novelist Noki Yamakawa. It became widely popular after the 1st season which aired in October, the previous year.

Although some anime freaks have loved the storytelling and unique plot with interesting characters, some critics and the larger audiences have disapproved of the series calling it too fantastical without any logic. In such a case, will there be a 3rd sequel coming? Read below to find out.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives 3: Release Date

Although the Japanese anime was not disregarded by the critic, both the 1st as well as the 2nd season failed to leave a notable imprint on maximum viewers. The 2nd season which had a premiere on 10th July 2021 and ended on 25th September this year, too was quite bland.

Due to the underwhelming response from the viewers and a low TRP rate, Studio Maho Film is skeptical about renewing this anime further. As a result of negative ratings, monetary issues have also cropped up. Thus, observing such traits it’s likely that we won’t be seeing a 3rd installment of the anime. And even if by any slightest chance the show gets a nod for renewal, it will be released in late 2023!

I’m Standing on a Million Lives 3: Cast

There’s no possibility of a return, but if it does happen the previous voiceover artists are to return. They include Azumi Waki aka the central protagonist Hakozaki Kusue and Yuto Uemura aka Yusuke Yotsuya. Makoto Koichi will lend her voice to Yuka Tokitate, and Risa Kubota will be voicing Iu Shindo.

Other notable voice casts who might return are Saori Hayami aka Genda Carter, Aoi Yuki aka Ahyu, Ayana Taketatsu aka Yana, and Kyousuke Ikeda aka Katz. There might also be newer voice members if a 3rd season is produced

I’m Standing on a Million Lives 3: Plot

Just because season 3 is dicey doesn’t mean that the plot details aren’t being talked about by the anime lovers. In the 3rd part, we might see the courageous heroes, ready to return to the Goldia, their original kingdom and they also need to take the reigns against the addiction of Rainbow Stair.

But, danger and adventure await these superheroes as before they head back to Goldia they need to fight and ward off the disgusting parasites of wireworm. But the heroes will be aided by certain officials who will help them get rid of addiction to intoxication, but there will be twists giving them a reality check as well!

I’m Standing on a Million Lives 2: Storyline

The anime deals with an anti-social lad, Yotsuya Yuusuke who is transported in another dimension filled with creatures from the myths where he and his schoolmates venture into newer adventures fighting demons, oblivious that the real world needs them badly!

In the final moments of the 2nd part, we saw the dragon was Jezby, and Glenda after much questioning confirms it was she who manipulated and altered the villagers’ memories. But when Glenda tries to flee, with the help of the heroes and the sacrifice by Yuusuke they arrest Glenda, the tormented, saving everyone. Watch the season 2 trailer here.

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