The cliffhanger finale questions to be answered in Yellowstone Season 4! Read below all the intense details of the show here!


If there’s a show depicting rustic America with its cowboys, vast fields, Native Americans, their aggression and disputes on land, as well as forests and National Parks, then you ought to watch this Amazon Prime classic show titled Yellowstone.

Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the series has done a superb job in portraying a rather deep, dramatic, and serious story with complex characters that have earned quite a reputation amongst viewers and critics, some praising it while others calling it over-sensationalized. But with more or less decent ratings, there might be a season 4 on cards. Read below to find out!

Yellowstone 4: Release Date

The good news is here folks! Paramount Network has officially confirmed that the anticipated 4th season of Yellowstone will be aired on 7th November 2021! Are you squealing with excitement yet? Just like the latest 3rd season, the upcoming one will also have 10 graphic episodes!

The production process of the 4th part was already completed in the previous year that is 2020 in November. But unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the plans, otherwise which the show would have been released earlier. But let’s focus on the future, okay?

Yellowstone 4: Cast

The original actors of the series are marking their return, much to the relief of the fans! They are the phenomenal Kevin Costner in the shoes of John Dutton, Kelly Reilly in her character of Beth Dutton, Luke Grimes aka Kayce Dutton, and Wes Bentley aka Jamie Dutton.

Members of the other Dutton family who are to return include Monica Long Dutton played by Kelsey Asbille, and Tate Dutton played by Brecken Merrill. Other actors consist of Cole Hauser aka Rip Wheeler, Will Patton aka Garret Randall, and Josh Holloway aka Roarke Carter.

Yellowstone 4: Plot

Left with a cliffhanger, hopefully, the 4th season will give us our much-needed answers. The pasts, ghosts, and current lives of both John as well as Beth will come to focus in the upcoming season as it’s still unclear what their destiny holds. Taylor’s plans and what he now wishes to do are also a matter of concern in the new season.

Apart from that, expect to witness plenty of twists and turns, newer feuds, and what dangerous consequences await in the life of Rip after he kills Wade. Will he get arrested or will he flee? That’s for the 4th edition to decipher. Jamie’s dilemma regarding his biological father and his adopted parent will also be highlighted along with the relationship between Rip and his girl Beth that turns rocky. Revenge will also be brewing to thwart the ranch of the Dutton family!

Yellowstone 3: Storyline

Drama and shocking truths played a major role in the Dutton clan in the 3rd installment of Yellowstone. We saw that Jamie was Garret Randall’s son after all and Beth confronted her infertility to everyone saying that her inability to become a mother is due to an abortion forced by Jamie when she was a teenager.

In another shocking incident, we find Wade Morrow being killed and hanged by Rip. There are also stock manipulations, trespassers being punished, discussions and arguments regarding the rights of the Natives, an ancient feud sprouting, gruesome murders taking place including mysterious assassins gunning down John Dutton, bombing in Beth’s office, and Jamie involved in brutal gunfire with suspicious killers. Watch the season 4 trailer here.

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