“Blue Period”: It is the prelude to many artists’ journey! Click to know about the Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!


Manga comics have earned fame all around the globe as their type of animation is very different from all the shows that get broadcasted all around the world and manga comics turning into anime are like words coming true in form of episodes. Crunchyroll seems to have set a platform for all the animes which can get aired without any difficulty. It is always good for fans who are residing in Japan as they need to wait for less than the fans who are settled around the world. One of the most demanded Blue Period anime is coming in front of screens and we have all the related information about this for you!

Release Date: Blue Period

As we mentioned above that Japanese fans are more fortunate we meant it seriously! Firstly, the anime is going to be premiered in Japan and once the show gets over there it will be broadcasted for international fans. Netflix has taken up the charge for releasing anime and here comes the official announcement for the fans by Netflix! The show will be landing up in their watch list from 9th October weekly. So fortunately nobody has to wait for more as the Blue Period anime won’t be getting delayed to 2022!

Cast: Blue Period

The voice cast of talented artists is confirmed by the creators. Hiromu Mineta has given voice to Yatora, Ryuuji has got a voice from Yumiri Hanamori, Yotasuke Takahashi has given out voice for Daiki Yamashita, Kengo Kawanishi’s mouthpiece is Haruka Hashida, Maki Kuwana has given out voice for Yume Miyamoto, Mayu Aoyagi has got a voice from Maru Mori and many other artists like Masako Saeki, Sumida, Koigakubo and Utashima who have become the mouthpiece of various side characters of the show.

Storyline: Blue Period

This anime is based on the manga scripted by Tsubasa Yamaguchi and has even won Manga Taisho Grand Prize. Do you admire the world of colors? and love to add beauty to your painting notebook? This anime can be for you as you know how to appreciate the talent! Ultimately, this is why Blue Period is such an important story with a crucial message. We as readers of the manga constantly see the final product and volumes of well-crafted pages can be read in few hours. The Blue period is the prelude of many artists’ journeys, the efforts that were needed to reach that final product. The hardships, the care, the challenges.

It shows us a young boy who was so much brilliant in his studies finally discovers his calling, something he ultimately wants to dedicate himself towards and revitalize a sense of passion within. We see him learn from his past misconceptions and even experience them himself. Learning the unceasing pain of progression and the determination to evolve leads him to his way to calmness and the role of this boy is being played up by Yatora. This anime is going to be pretty unique as it is not based on any common storyline and this can be our best suggestion for you all who demand a fresh plot!

Trailer: Blue Period



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