“Redo of Healer Season 2”: Filled with violence and sexual content Redo of Healer cannot be our nicest recommendation!


Seems like Anime production has been geared up after the pandemic! We saw many shows and series still getting canceled and delayed but anime production seems to have been increased which has made the audience shift towards it. This anime won’t be our best recommendation as it is filled with some mature violence that is not that great but still, this series has gained some audience and is now looking for season 2. The Redo of Healer with 6.4 ratings has gained buffs who are demanding the second season, so is season 2 really coming? Read further to know the answer to this question.

Release Date: Redo of Healer

As far as now, there is no official announcement about the release date of season 2 but it can be broadcasted in 2022 or in the early months of 2023 as it takes almost a year to get the anime working so keep yourself calm till there is no official notification. Although we expected it to not come in front of series but it is believed that it has only covered four volumes of the total of nine volumes of light novel series which can be surmised as a reason why it is coming back again.

Cast: Redo of Healer

We cannot substantiate on this point that if there is going to be any new characters in season 2 as we still don’t have any official trailer with us but before we start assuming who is going to be there in season 2, let us introduce you to the voice cast of season 1. Yuya Hozumi has given out voice to Keyaruga, Freia has got a voice from Ayano Shibuya, Shizuka Ishigami is the mouthpiece of the character Setsuna, Kureha Crylet has got a voice from Natsuki Aikawa, Yasuaki Takumi has given out voice to Leonard and there are many artists like Mami Fujita, Tetsu Inada, Natsumi Takamori, Minami Tsuda, Takaya Hashi, Asuka Nishi have given out their voice to bring life into the characters.

Storyline: Redo of Healer

It is an 18+anime that has not gained so much audience. This anime is very infamous on Youtube and basically, every video you see about it talks about how awful and terrible this anime is. The story starts with Keyaruga who is in a world of mythic heroes is granted to be the healer class. There are other classes like people who use swords or magic but the healer class heals people using healing magic.

Keyaruga gets so much addicted to it that he has to obey people to get the drugs. One day after years of being their slave he gains a drug resistance ability. The boy is sexually abused when he was a teenager and once he grows up he decided to take revenge on all of them. It is filled with rape and sexual content which is not recommended for any non-mature audience. So if you are planning to try this anime, watch it at your own risk as it can be a disturbing element for you but if you love some types of sexual violence and revenge then this can be a good choice!

Trailer: Redo of Healer




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