SAD BUT TRUE, Season 6 of Gotham might not be coming back ever! Read all the exclusive details you want to know!


DC Comics has done wonders again with its production of the gripping and intense crime/drama series titled Gotham which has successfully bewitched the audiences who are craving for more even after 5 nail-biting suspicious and curious seasons. Now after the latest season concluded in the year 2019, fans have been wondering whether a 6th season is coming.

Well, we would recommend not to let your hopes get too high. Perhaps one of the most appreciated crime/thriller shows will not be coming to screens anymore. Read below to know the details.

Gotham 6: Release Date

The first-ever season had a premiere date way back in the year 2014 on the 22nd of September while the last episode aired on 25th August 2019 before the pandemic began. The first three seasons left a notable imprint on the viewers, post which the story declined. Due to the average review of the 4th and 5th part, and the TRP rating dropping dramatically, show makers have decided that they will not be renewing a 6th season of the cult classic Gotham anymore.

Moreover, the director has deemed that the 5th edition answered all the burning questions and there was no cliffhanger left whatsoever, which even indicated that the production team was in no mood to release another season. Thus, as sad it might seem to DC lovers, your favourite show will not be returning ever. Well, we are left with no other options but to deal with the pain!

Gotham: Cast

Although the last few seasons failed to leave a mark on the audiences, you have to give credit to the phenomenal acting of the actors who have made the show, a worthy watch, capturing our attention. The prime actors include Ben McKenzie aka James Gordon and David Mazzazz aka the famous Dark Knight or Bruce Wayne.

Other memorable characters include Harvey Bullock, acted by the outstanding Donal Logue, Alfred Pennyworth aka Sean Pertwee, Barbara Keene aka Erin Richards, Selina Kyle aka Carmen Bicondova, Liza aka the gorgeous actress Mackenzie Lee, and Gertrude aka the astounding Carol Kane.

Gotham 5: Storyline

Bringing all your all-time favourite characters on-screen together, Gotham was truly a masterpiece that had our undivided attention from the get-go. In the latest and last season, it was portrayed the journey of Bruce Wayne into transforming into Batman. It depicted how his life turned upside down when his parents got killed by Joker.

Jim Gordon’s life story was also put in the highlight of the 5th edition, of how and why he became the serious moustached Officer as written in the comics of DC. It is truly an intriguing watch that’s for sure. Thus in a way, the last part summarised the stories and characters giving them a proper conclusion and ending that left the viewers with no doubt whatsoever. Hence the season is cancelled for good it seems. Don’t be sad though, watch the season 5 trailer here and if you haven’t watched this classic, do it right away!

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