The God of High School is likely to arrive on your screens with a Season 2! Here’s all the adventures that are to come!


Anime has a certain charm of its own that makes the audiences hooked to their screens and watch their favourite characters unfold in front of their eyes. Such a spectacular anime show by Crunchyroll that has captured the attention of viewers in the pandemic is titled The God of High School.

After a smashing hit of the 1st season, watchers are now asking for a sequel that is the 2nd season because they are involved in the lives of the characters. So, is a 2nd season on the list or not? Read below to find out all the answers!

The God of High School 2: Release Date

The initial season premiered on 6th June the previous year and concluded by 28th September, that year itself. And ever since, Ami me lovers haven’t hushed wondering when can they catch a glimpse of the 2nd season.

Well to be honest the MAPAA studio hasn’t confirmed or denied anything as of now but we do know that the popularity of this amazing series will prompt the show makers to take action. But since the production of anime takes time, the show is likely to return in the following year that is 2022 by the 2nd half!

The God of High School 2: Cast

When a 2nd sequel is made all your favourite voiceover artists are going to return. They are Tachibana Tatsumaru reprising his role as Jin Mori, and Kumagai Kentaro voicing Daewi Han. These two will once again be the protagonists of the hugely popular series.

Other voice members ready to return include Ohashi Ayaka aka Mira Yoo, Namikawa Daisuke lending his voice to Park Mugen, and Uchiyama Keiki aka Park Ilpyo. Apart from these voice actors, if newer characters are introduced expect to see a newer voice cast as well. Be prepared!

The God of High School 2: Plot

If the anticipated 2nd edition of The God Of High School gets a date of air, it will continue the plot from The Gods Arrival arc. It will set up its Ragnarok narrative in the prologue before showing an epic fight in the major portion of the episodes.

The entire Ragnarok Saga can be adapted into the second part, given the anime’s regular pace, which is fairly fast. There will be more fights, more anticipation, wars, and challenges that the protagonist has to make before he leaves a notable mark.

The God of High School: Storyline

The action/adventure manga of Japan deals with combats and samurais, ideal for action lovers. Mori Jin, his friend Daewi Han, as well as Mira Yoo, partakes in a competition where the winner gets her truest wish granted whatever it might be. But soon after the tournament begins, dark secrets are disclosed.

In the final moments of the show, we saw Taek emerge as God unleashing his powers, altering Mori’s as well as his friends’ memories. Mori even realises that he’s the original Monkey King. But Mori puts up a brave fight and succeeds in defeating Taek, emerging victorious in the tournament. But now Mori needs to remember all his memories which will be covered in the 2nd instalment. Watch the official trailer here.

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