Will there be “Battle Game in 5 Seconds Season 2?” Read to know more details about the anime!


Animes are the incredible ones to entertain the viewers. When it is mingled with the theme of the game, it will be even more interesting. One such series is “Battle Game in 5 seconds”. Let us discuss this here with more details which you are expecting to know! Without much ado, let us dive into the topic!

Release Date: Battle Game in 5 Seconds S2

Unfortunately, there is no official information regarding the release of season 2 of the series, Battle game in 5 seconds season 2. The reason is simple. As the first season was not finished yet, there is no talk about the second season. But there is hope among the fans as the production unit said once that each season will not cross 12 episodes so, it is a guarantee that there will be another season as the manga series has 155 episodes. But in anime, it reached episode 55 just now. Cheer up, guys! We have another season!

Cast: Battle Game in 5 seconds S2

The characters discussed here are the main characters who may appear in the next season too. Their names are listed here. They are, Akira (protagonist), Yuuri, Mion (mysterious girl), Ringo, Amakage, Tatara, Shiroyanagi, Kumagiri, Shin, Madoka, Kirisaki, Yang, Masaya, Kuroiwa, etc. They are the major characters who are acting in the first season which is still running on television.

Plot: Battle Game in 5 seconds S2

This is a Japanese web manga series. Season 1 of this series was published in February 2016. This series was born in the hands of Miyako and Harawata.

The plot of this series deals with supernatural elements and action scenes. It goes around the personal and professional life of a high school boy, Akira. Akira the protagonist of the series focuses on surviving in the game using the best strategies and powers.

In season 1, the plot begins with a man tries to defeat Akira but Akira used his mind to defeat him and succeeded in that process. Then there appeared a mysterious girl, who killed Akira. Akira was admitted to the hospital and some people surrounded Akira and discussed elimination. So they planned a match between this girl and Akira. What will happen next? Never forget to watch the series!!

The real story begins from here!

Storyline: Battle Game in 5 seconds S2

It seems like there is no difference between the real-life and gaming life in this series. After the girl’s attack, Akira was admitted to the hospital. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw some people surrounded him. That girl was taken to the place where Akira was surrounded by those people. Those people discussed the elimination of these two persons. Akira has no idea what they are talking about? and who that girl is? He remained in silence. Then those people decided to conduct a match between Akira and that girl. Those who failed in the match will be eliminated. Here is the twist placed by the story writer. It is, the players do have some unique powers which the other does not have. It is the player’s responsibility to find their unique power. What a twist!

Trailer: Battle Game in 5 seconds S2

Here is the trailer of season 1 as there is no official information regarding season 2. Until then stay tuned for more information!


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