Monster Girl Doctor Season 2 might be returning with newer adventures and paranormal activities! Read below to know more!


Harem and light comedy marked the awesome anime show titled Monster Girl Doctor which has successfully captivated the audiences especially the anime lovers. Although the enigmatic show was well-appreciated by the watch critics didn’t leave any scope to disapprove of the cliche story. 

So, under such mixed ratings and responses can anime freaks expect the return of a 2nd season soon? Well, we won’t keep you waiting any further. Read below to find out all the details of the show yourself!

Monster Girl Doctor 2: Release Date

The initial season that was watched almost 100 times by viewers appeared on screens in July 2020 during the pandemic and concluded the same year, on September 27th. Now, upon the surging demand of the series, amongst the audiences, there might be some good news around the corner.

Show makers have all agreed that they are planning on an exciting sequel, especially since many of the questions of the previous season have to be answered in the upcoming one. But since the production process is still in the nascent stage, expect to witness the 2nd part in the year 2023! Stay put till then!

Monster Girl Doctor 2: Cast

The voice-over artists who are to return in the 2nd season consist of the two protagonists, who are Saphentite Neikes who is voiced by Christina Valenzuela, and Glenn Litbeit who is voiced by the famous Griffin Puatu.

Other important voice casts set to return include Wendee Lee aka Aranya Trantella Alakunida, Kira Buckland aka Illy, Ai Farouz aka Kay Arte, Lizzie Freeman in the shoes of Kunai Zenow, and Ryan Bartley aka Lulala Heine. More voice members are to be introduced as well in the upcoming sequel.

Monster Girl Doctor 2: Plot

In the anticipated 2nd installment many plot predictions are being discussed. But out of them the notable being a plague will wreak havoc in the fantastical land of Lindworm where humans will be turning to Doppelgangers.

Although these Doppelgangers look similar to humans, they are malicious which can harm everyone and hence is a threat to others. We will also be witness Dr. Glenn learn about the mysterious disease and perhaps develop ways of how to cure it. She might also learn about her misplaced heart.

Monster Girl Doctor: Storyline

The basic storyline of this intriguing anime is set upon an otherworldly town of Lindworm in which Dr. Glenn and his lamia assistant, Sapphee, run a lowkey medical institution for female demons. Monsters, as well as humans, live peacefully together.

In the final moments of the anime, we witnessed Skadi encounter a terrible attack, rendering him unconscious, and to save her Dr. Glenn as well as Cthulhy his co-partner detached her heart, rotten with parasites which causes Skadi to develop a new personality. But, she’s cured nevertheless. Watch the official trailer here!

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