Sankarea Season 2 seems to have a dicey destiny! Read to know Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and more!


There doesn’t seem to be a new way of hope for Sankarea season 2 but the fans are desperately waiting for the second season 2 to start broadcasting in front of the screens as they cannot get over with the hangover of the introductory or the initial season made them have. So is it worth waiting for another sequel or it’s time for the fans to switch forward to new anime? Well, you will get a clear picture once you’re through with this article.

Release Date: Sankarea Season 2

Sankarea Season 2 seems to have a dicey destiny. Even after getting so much optimistic response and appreciation from the viewers the creators seems to have forgotten to renew this anime as it was in 2012, 8 years back that this anime was inaugurated to premiered it and till now we have not got any news not even any news from the creators about the thoughts on the series, therefore, it will be difficult for us to give you any assume date as this will only lead to surging of expectation and hops and we don’t want you to get hurt because of so much hope that you keep for this anime.

Cast: Sankarea

We always mention the Japanese artist who gives out their voice for characters but this time we will make you familiar with the artist who has dubbed the first season in English. Tia Lynn Ballard has given out a voice for Rea Sanka, Chihiro Furuya’s mouthpiece is Aaron Dismuke, Felecia Angelle has given out voice for Mero Furuya, Ranko Saoji has got a voice from Jamie Marchi, Mike McFarland is signed up to give voice to the character of Jogoro Furuya and many other talented artists have dubbed this series in English.

Storyline: Sankarea

Sankarea is a romantic-comedy story belonging to the horror genre. The main protagonist of the series is Rea Sanka and Chihiro Furuya. Furuya is a young boy who is obsessed with zombies and keeps a keen interest in zombies and keeps on dreaming about the love story with a zombie girl. Furuya has a cat with whom he had a lot of affection but one day it passes away and Furuya tries to bring back his cat through resurrection but unfortunately fails to do. Then comes the character of Rea who has lost all hope in life when she lost her mother and wants to get out of her gloomy life. Furuya continues to strive for the potion that will make his cat alive.

One day the girl drinks that potion and comes back to life which seemed to have got end because of a car accident and turns out to be a zombie too. So, do both of the zombies get together and form a relationship or there’s a twist? Well unfortunately there is no such twist and turn which can grab your attention in the first place. It is a slow-moving series that can bore you after 1-2 episodes as the middle part goes really slow that just shuts off the viewers but if you have time to pass this can be an okayish choice but watch it at your own risk!

Trailer: Sankarea


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