The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 might be on the way of coming back to your screens! Here’s all the details you need to know!


One of the classic anime shows that made quite an impression amongst the anime freaks is the manga titled The Misfit of Demon King Academy which has received a major response from both critics as well as viewers. This Crunchyroll production had a great TRP rating with the release of the 1st season itself.

The manga which concluded in the previous year that is 2020 in September, the cliffhanger ending has created a ruckus amongst anime freaks asking for a 2nd part. If you too want to know whether season 2 is coming or not, read below!

The Misfit of Demon King Academy 2: Release Date

27th September 2020 is the date when the last episode of the 13 long episodes was shown on screen. And after a seemingly long wait, Crunchyroll has officially stated on 6th March this year that is 2021 the production of The Misfit of Demon King Academy has begun!

Although the official date of airing hasn’t been revealed yet the anticipated 2nd season might arrive on your screens by the Fall season of next year that is 2022. Stay put!

The Misfit of Demon King Academy 2: Cast

The previous voiceover artists are going to return. They are the handsome Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Tomori Kusunoki, and the stunning Yuko Natsuyoshi. These are the primary voiceover artists who are to come back for the 2nd season.

Other notable voice casts who are to make a comeback include Aleks Le aka Anos Voldigoad, Brianna Knickerbocker aka the quirky girl Misha Necron, Kayli Millis lending her voice to Sasha Necron, and lastly Griffin Puatu voicing Lay Glanzdulii. Fresh faces must also be introduced. Let’s see what happens!

The Misfit of Demon King Academy 2: Plot

Although it’s physically impossible to predict what might occur in the 2nd edition after the 1st season dissolved we have our speculations ready. We may expect more enthralling battles in the future. Anos would most likely be crowned Demon King. Another fantastic sight would be purebloods finally accepting hybrids.

If the anime stays true to the light novel, which the whole show is loosely based upon, the paranormal series will almost certainly progress to the Great Spirit Arc where we will be seeing newer dangers unfold and newer storylines emerge that will keep the audiences hooked from the get-go.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy: Storyline

Let’s have a quick recap, shall we? It all started almost 2000 years ago. The demon king, Anos Voldigoad, signs a peace deal with Kanon, the hero, to put an end to the war and slaughter. He makes the ultimate sacrifice but swears to reincarnate in 2000 years.

The Demon realm, the human realm, spirit realm, and God realm are divided for 2000 years as a result of his sacrifice, ensuring peace. Sasha and Misha – the twins turn to be Anos’ allies. Lay admits of being Tyranny’s Demon King, named Avos Dilhevia. The final moments have epic battles, culminating in the unveiling that Avos Dilhevia was Kanon, the hero. Watch the official trailer here.

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