Will there be “Kiss Him Not Me Season 2”? Click to know Release Date, Cast, Plot, and much more details!


It is fine to lose weight. But the process is tedious for every one of us. Do we often think that why don’t born as anime characters? We could lose weight in whatever way that arises in the head of the scriptwriter. And many men will fall for us! That will be tremendous, right? Anyways this won’t happen in real life. But what if it happens in anime series? Yes! Here is an anime series, “Kiss him not me” which deals with this theme. So let us dive into the topic without much ado!

Release Date: Kiss him not me S2

Unfortunately, the waiver period for the sequel “Kiss him not me” was not declared openly. This gave rise to the enthusiasts to go worried. As this series premiered many years ago without any updates regarding season 2, people may not watch the second season that interestingly till 2022. Because it must reach the audience again. That process may take some time.

Cast: Kiss him not me S2

The personalities that are dealt with here are the major personalities who may come in the upcoming season also. Those personalities are mentioned here! Kane Serinuma (protagonist), Otaku, Yusuke Igarashi, Nanashima, Tsundere, Hayato, Asuma, Nishina, brother Takuro, Amane Nakano, many more will come in the next season too. As there is no official information regarding the personalities in the upcoming season.

Plot: Kiss him not me S2

“Kiss him not me” is a passionate comic anime series. This anime sequel revolves around an ignorant girl a female anime lover who has close relationships with men. She was tormented by anime series and characters. One day her beloved anime actor Shion died. She was worried and did not appear out of her room for more than a week. At last, when she appeared out, she was attractive. No one can define her beauty in words. She was that beautiful. But before this incident, she was neither that attractive nor that skinny. After this anime character’s death, she became more attractive. As a result of her beauty, many men fall for her. They all revealed their crush on her. So that she became popular among the students that she has close relationships with men.

Storyline: Kiss him not me S2

As this anime sequel has no revival, there are fewer chances for the waiver of the second season. It is not confirmed as there will be a next sequel of the “kiss him, not me” series for sure. And no finalized waiver period was declared openly till now. This made the fan counts decline gradually. Though the film and waiver of the second season, the rise in the count will take some time. So the production unit must release the second season before it loses its fans.

Trailer: Kiss him not me S2

Here I have fastened the trailer for season one of the sequel kiss him not me. As there is no authorized evidence about the waiver of the series, there is no authorized trailer published. For your convenience here is the trailer of season one. Grab your coke and enjoy the series with full happiness. For more information, stay tuned here!


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