Paw Patrol might be running to your favorite Nickelodeon Channel for a 9th Season! Click below for all the details!


Nickelodeon’s classic children and pre-school series popularly titled Paw Patrol season 8 concluded this year after premiering on the 2nd of April 2021. Since then it has been heard that children are eagerly awaiting a renewal. 

But, will the 9th season be on the cards or do the producers of Paw Patrol have something else in mind about the renewal of the light-hearted series? Well, read below to find out all the details here!

Paw Patrol 9: Release Date

This children’s animation was extended for a ninth part on 18th February 2021. It was planned to air in September this year, but it was pushed out to an undetermined date due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, there have been rumours that this animation might get an airing date somewhere in the following year that is 2023. Yes, it’s a long wait but producers are affirmed that it will be worth it in the end!

Paw Patrol 9: Cast

All the voiceover artists are to return in the 9th season. They are Ron Pardo voicing Cap ‘n Turbot, Lilly Bartlam and Kallan Holley aka the younger and older versions of Skye, Devan Cohen aka Rubble, and Alex Thorne aka Zuma.

Other voice casts likely to return include Drew Davis lending his voice to Marshall, Berkley Silverman aka Everest, and Max Calinescu giving his voice to Chase. Reports are that newer voice members might also return reprising newer characters in the 9th edition.

Paw Patrol 9: Plot

There have been no discussions about the plot of the upcoming series which will be having 26 funny and interesting episodes that will keep the kids hooked. Be ready to experience newer adventures, a whole moral of saving the planet, missions of rescue and many other plans that are yet to be disclosed.

The anticipated 9th instalment of none other than PAW Patrol will follow the adventure of these adorable and bubbly puppies as they embark on all-new action-packed rescue missions and work together to help their community titled Adventure Bay where they have sworn to protect their clan! Be prepared to witness the introduction of more cute puppies that will steal your heart!

Paw Patrol 8: Storyline

Paw Patrol has currently ended its eighth season which depicts the exploits of Ryder, a tech-savvy and honest youngster, and his gang of trustworthy pups that are ready to jump into action to save the day from any evil!

Chase, Rubble, Marshall, Rocky, Skye, as well as Zuma, are ready for anything that becomes an obstacle on their way whenever there’s any trouble. No job is impossible, and no dog be it any size is too small, as they always work unitedly to keep Adventure Bay safe. Watch the awesome official trailer here!

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