“Scream 5” has occupied the cinema for a very long time making it difficult for buffs to neglect it!


Scream has been there in front of theatres 90s and is going to come back for its fifth sequel. What has made this movie operating for so long? Well, you will get to know the reviews from us and when is the fifth sequel coming in your nearest theatre? Even that’s the question worth asking and you are going to get this answer if you stick with us through the article so without any further bustle let’s provides you all with the minute details.

Release Date: Scream 5

Scream 5 will be titled scream. So is there going to be a different movie? Well really NO! It won’t be a unique movie but instead of writing it as Scream 5, it will be named as only Scream. Spyglass on 29th August 2020 announced a reviewal of the 90s movie and it’s going to be in your nearest theatre on 14th January 2022. This was a surprise for the buffs who have been waiting eagerly for the next sequel. The initial movie came in 1996, Scream 2 came in 1997, Scream 3 came in 2000, and Scream 4 in 2011. So, it is clearly visible that it has occupied the cinema for a very long time and that makes it difficult for enthusiasts to neglect this movie.

Cast: Scream

For the 5th sequel, we don’t have any official trailer because it takes time to kick off production after recovering from the pandemic so we are going to introduce you to the star cast of the 4th sequel who will be sure there in the 5th sequel as well. Neve Campbell is heading the role of Sidney Prescott, Gale Weather’s role has been taken up by Courteney Cox, David Arquette has been signed up for Dewey Riley, Sherrie’s role has been taken up by Lucy Hale, Dane Farwell is playing the role of Ghostface, Rachel’s role has been up by Anna Paquin and many other talented actors are there in the movie as side characters!

Storyline: Scream

We will share with you the storyline of the initial movie whose characters won’t be mentioned above as they were not in the 4th sequel. The initial movie starts with a scene of Casey who is a high school student, gets a phone call from a mystery man who asks what’s her favorite scary movie and he reveals that he has kidnapped Casey’s boyfriend Steve and kills him when Casey answers his strange question incorrectly and the masked killer, kills Casey outside her house. Meanwhile, we are shown a scene where Sidney and other school students have the anniversary of her mother’s murder. At home, she receives a threatening phone call just like Casey even she gets attacked by the killer but fortunately escapes from that place.

Sidney’s boyfriend shows up at the place and drops his phone making a call to the police and due to misunderstanding he gets arrested but is released the next day and the police keep on suspecting many people during which the school gets suspended as the principal is killed. We don’t believe in adding spoilers especially when it is a horror movie. So who is that killer? Why he has targeted people and has formed a chain? These answers you need to find on your own!

Trailer: Scream 4



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