“Oats Studios Volume 1” is OUT! Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and more details are here!


This studio films short stories based on the theme, horror, science fiction, technology, etc. Among those genres, this studio chose the genre of horror and sci-fi and compiled a volume of short stories. Every short story was great. Among them, the film named Rakka was the one to hit the box office too. It secured more viewers and fan base. Here we are going to discuss the compilation, it’s the release date, cast, plot, and more details. Let us dive into the topic!

Release Date: Oats Studio Vol 1

It is good news for those who knew what Oats studio is. The good news is, it will be released on 1st October 2021. As this movie is based on horror and action themes, this brings nightmares and horrific experiences to the audience for sure. This anthology’s first trailer was waived in 2017. Among a list of short films, the film “Rakka” streamed a lot and it may have around 25 million viewers when it was released.

Cast: Oats Studio Vol 1

The characters acted in this anthology are listed below. Their performance was so good and inspired more audiences to watch again and again the films for their natural acting. Those characters are, Sharlto Copley, Dakota Fanning, Sigourney weaver, Carly pope, Tyler Johnston, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Jay Anstey, Pat Mastroianni, Leacock, Auret, William Martin, Jason, Michael, Steve, Robert, Gillis, Eugene, Nic Rhind, Carlo Yu, and more.

Plot: Oats Studio Vol 1

Weaver the protagonist of the film went to the place where aliens colonized the Earth. That place is called Dystopian future. As we know aliens look ugly and disgusting in most films. In such a way in this short film series, there are many disgusting aliens are appeared. So the audience must strengthen their hearts to not fear by watching these scenes. Humans went to the place where aliens colonized and fight against it to vacate them from the earth as they may become a threat in the future anyhow.

Storyline: Oats Studios Vol 1

Though this movie provokes a nightmare to the audience, it was popular among the audience as there are many horror movie lovers are living on this earth. Volume 1 contains the set of short films compiled in it. Among them, the movie Rakka gained more popularity. Rakka film was more likely to be realistic and the theme engaged the audience more than the other films. The plot, storyline, acting everything was good which gives no chance to critics to criticize the film anymore. The list of short films in the anthology are given below. They are, Rakka, Cooking with Bill, Kapture, God: city, Zygote, etc are the films listed in the compilation.

Trailer: Oats Studio Vol 1

This anthology of short films will stream on Netflix. For your convenience, the trailer of the movie Rakka is attached here. If you want to watch the movie Rakka, it is still on YouTube. But wait till the 8th of October to watch the anthology in one go on Netflix. Count down the days for the release of this anthology on Netflix. Stay tuned for more information here!


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