Season 2 of “Code 404” is already on the way of its journey but fans are still impatient about “Code 404 Season 3”?


Code 404, no don’t misinterpret it as error 404 because that’s what we surmise most of the people do. This police drama started with its second season this September and now the fans are already demanding season 3? Don’t be so impatient pals but still, we are here to calm you down by giving you details about season 3 of your favorite season. Let’s look at the journey of the series Code 404.

Release Date: Code 404 Season 3

Code 404 season 2 started to premiere on peacock on 23rd September 2021 but its return to the UK fans much before that on 1st September 21. The creators have still not given green light about season 3 so does that mean there will be only going to be two seasons? Well, I can’t say anything as we are still not sure what’s in the mind of the creators but even if they plan to bring season 3  it will be in the mid or later months of 2022. Season 2 and Season 1 got lots of appreciation from the audience that’s the reason we can think of more seasons coming up line by line.

Cast: Code 404

As far as now there is no news of season 3 but we are here to make you familiar with the star cast who are part of the currently running season. Stephen Graham is heading the role of DI Roy Carver, DI John Major’s role has been taken up by Daniel Mays, Rosie Cavaliero has signed up for DCS Dennett, Dr.Alison Parfit’s role has been enacted by Amanda Payton, Anna Maxwell Martin is heading the role of Kelly Major, DS Judith Papastathopolus’s character is being played by Michelle Greenidge, Richard Gadd has signed up for Liam Cleasby, DI Ryle’s role has been enacted by Emily Lloyd-Saini and there are many other co-actors like Steve Oram, Simon Strutt, Tracy Ann Oberman, Steve Meo and many other who have lit up the entire series.

Storyline and Plot: Code 404

Carver and Major are the protagonists of the series who are given to handle 20 years old case to handle which opens up many stories and get hold of many prisoners. The first series is set in the near future where Major is a detective inspector who is skilled in action only to be brought back to life thanks to computer technology. Its resurrection allows him to rejoin the other actors. Its sky original makes it the most top-rated comedy series. This drama has all the elements like- science, comedy, investigation where the major come back to surprise everyone where you will see him doing over-acting, well that’s intentional. You need to crack the code 404 but don’t end up getting Error 404 as this series is going to be very much interesting to all those who require even being in a serious zone. This series is executed by Tom Miller, Sam Myer, and Daniel Peak who have very well scripted this series as well, and their efforts are clearly shown once you watch the series and this is our best recommendation so before it’s too late start watching!

Trailer: Code 404 Season 2


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