“The Souvenir II”: A rich and beautiful film which is coming your way in few days! Click to know Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and more!


After the great success of the initial movie The Souvenir, the creators and especially Joanna Hogg have done almost the impossible task by making her quasi-autobiographical drama come alive in the form of The Souvenir 2 which is surrounded by an intense relationship so the good part is you don’t have to wait for the movie, it is already coming in front of your screens if you desire to watch it. But Wait! why to hurry when we can give all the details right here? Let’s give you every single detail that you aspire to have!

Release Date: The Souvenir Part II

The release date has been finalized and it is 29th October 2021 that got announced at the Cannes New York film festival so yes the wait is not much as you will be getting to see the remarkable movie very soon. Although the initial movie was released on 17th May 2019, it took time for the creators to renew it but you could not expect much from the pandemic and it is fortunate that the movie didn’t get delay due to it.

Cast: The Souvenir Part II

Yay! We have the trailer with us! That brings us to the introduction of the star cast who are going to lit up the series. Tilda Swinton is heading the role of Rosalind, Patrick’s role is being enacted by Richard Ayoade, Charlie Heaton has signed up for the role of Jim, Pete’s role is being enacted by Harris Dickinson, Ariane Labed is heading the role of Garance and there are many other actors like Joe Alwyn, Amber Anderson, Alice McMillan, Honor Swinton Byrne, Jack McMullen, Tosin Cole and many more.

Storyline: The Souvenir

Joanna Hogg’s film The Souvenir follows Julie, a young woman who is swept into a relationship with an older man Anthony. They visit the Wallace Collection and look at a favorite painting of his. They argue over art, they make love and go on a holiday. But something is different here. Anthony is a heroin addict and his habits pushed him to more and more things that put Julie at risk. Finally, she breaks off their relationship. Anthony seeks helps and recovers, they rekindle their romance, he relapses and dies of an overdose. Drawing heavily on Hogg’s own experience with a previous partner, The Souvenir communicates a story about a toxic relationship while also mercilessly examining Hogg’s substantial privilege and the nature of self-reflexive art about artists.

It’s a rich and beautiful film. It also marks a stark departure from Hogg’s previous, very contained work. Her first three features each concern a single location which the characters barely leave a village in Tuscany, a cottage and surrounding area in the Scilly Isles, a modernist house in London. They are also straightforward in their approach to time, entirely near films that unfold in a relatively tight timescale. So what are you waiting for? For us to tell us more? Well, we apologize! Can’t spill more beans, you need to entangle this toxic relationship on your own and now we have the official trailer for you to watch before the actual movie starts!

Trailer: The Souvenir II


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