Will there be “Death Note Season 2?” Read this to know the Release Date, Cast, Plot and more details here!


What if you have the right to take the life of somebody else? Will you take revenge on your enemy? Or will you use that right to correct society? Or will you just throw the shit off and move on in your way? Everyone loves to take the superhero role with this right. But what if, this thing takes control of you? Can you overcome it? Here is an anime series “Death Note” which deals with the same plot. Let us discuss it here in brief and it’s the sequel launch date. Without much ado, let us dive into the topic!

Release date: Death Note S2

Unfortunately, there is no official date regarding the release date. The manga series was released 15 years ago which attracted more audiences. This series has a new plot and storyline that gave goosebumps to the viewers for every episode.

Cast: Death Note S2

As there is no official information, there are no official cast details here. From the fragments from the climax of the first season, it is clear that Minoru Tanaka will play the lead role and the main owner of the series Ryuk will appear again in season two. The casts in season 1 are, Misa Amane, Light Yagami, Kiyomi Takada, Sayu Yagami, Sachiko Yagami, Kanzo Mogi, Hirokazu Ukita, Police Chief, Ayako Yoshino, etc are the characters. Some may appear in season two also or there may be the introduction of entirely new characters as the gap between the release date of both the seasons are bigger.

Plot: Death Note S2

There is no official plot summary of season 2 from Netflix. But there is an assumption surfs on the net regarding the sequel. It goes like this, the protagonist of the series is Light Yagami who got a death note from Ryuk. He said that this death note will spare the life of the person whose name was written in it. In the beginning, Light was writing the names of the criminals who are a burden to society. Whereas the note spared their lives. But slowly and steadily, that note took control of Light’s thoughts. It made him write the names of the person who did less harm to Light. It manipulated Light to use it wrongly. As a result, Light’s life was left in trouble. Same as Light, a TV star Amane also has a death note whose life is also in trouble by police officers who suspect her as suspicious for the murder cases.

Storyline: Death Note S2

The first season of this series is cast at 37 episodes on TV. It was scored 8.5/10 which is an amazing score till now. Within a short period, it gained more fans. After so long it’s a sequel that was going to be filming. As the upcoming season deals with the high school kid who was hypnotized by Ryuk’s words and makes him accept the death note. The first season ends with that. Maybe the second season may start with the plot that deals with the high schoolboy. It will be astonishing to watch season 2 with an entirely new plot!

Trailer: Death Note S2

Here is the trailer for the second season for your convenience. Grab your coke and enjoy your evening with your friends and family. Stay tuned for more details!



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