World Trigger Season 3 to return soon with a bang! Here’s all the adventurous details you can’t miss!


Your favorite anime is going to be back on the foremost anime destination that is Crunchyroll. Any guesses what it might be? Well, the 1st season itself had a whooping 70 episodes to its name. Yes, we are talking about the classic World Trigger anime show that had taken the world by storm!

After two popular seasons that were well-appreciated by both fans and critics, the amazing anime might be returning for a 3rd edition. But it will have shorter episodes. If you too can’t hold your excitement any longer, then dive into the details of your favorite show by reading all the information below!

World Trigger 3: Release Date

Early 2021 marked the premiere of the latest 2nd season of the anime series which consisted of 12 interesting episodes. And when the season concluded by the fall months the show makers nodded their head in agreement that they are ready for a renewal of World Trigger. So, when’s exactly is it happening?

The good news is here folks! The 3rd season of World Trigger will be returning on your screens this very year that is 2021 on the 9th of October! Do you know what that means? It’s hardly a few days before your favorite characters come alive on your screens! This upcoming edition will also be having 12 grueling episodes!

World Trigger 3: Cast

The voiceover artists who are to return in the 3rd season consist of Ryota Takeuchi aka Mikhail Cronin, Mamiko Noto aka Yuri Rindo, Tomo Muranaka aka Yuma Kuga, and Yuuki Kaji aka Osamu Mikumo to name the primary characters who will once again feature in the latest venture.

Other voice casts who are to return include Nao Tamura voicing Chika Amator, Yuichi Nakamura aka Yuichi Jin, and Nobunaga Shimazaki aka House. There is also news that since newer storylines will be introduced there will be more voice cast that could be brought in. Wait till the revelation!

World Trigger 3: Plot

Although producers have managed to keep the plot details under tight wraps, World Trigger might follow the original works of writer and illustrator Daisuke Ashihara as the entire series is based upon this manga. Hence, in the upcoming season, we would be witnessing more of the group titled Mikumo and what their truest intentions are.

Moreover, a suspicious attack can occur on the army of Galppoula and the protagonists will try their best to find out who is at fault. Newer and mysterious cities might emerge as there is the opening of gates that lead to even stranger dimensions and the beasts who are popularly titled “Neighbours” will come in full attack mode as Border who is a team of defense clan will try to stop them.

World Trigger 2: Storyline

This interesting take on the normal and paranormal deals with a certain unknown planet were both humans, as well as creatures, cohabit, terming themselves as neighbors. These creatures and also the individuals try at every point to protect one another as well as themselves from dangers that run the risk of making them extinct.

In the final moments of the 2nd part, we saw Kuga Osamu Mikado disguised as a human living under the eyes of critters as he tries his best to disguise himself to protect himself from lurking dangers and other forces of nature. But eventually, Yuma becomes a part of Border turning to be the savior of Mikado! Watch the season 2 trailer here!

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