Nightmare Alley starring Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett will be coming to your nearest theatres soon enough! Catch the details here!


Guillermo del Torro has done wonders again setting the screens on fire with the trailer of its latest venture, a psychological/drama show titled Nightmare Alley which has taken the crime horror lovers into a rage after the fantastic trailer that touched everyone’s heart! The splendid glorious visualization is like a cherry on the cake!

Now after the power-packed visual trailer fans have been asking when is the date of release of this suspicious film. So, without any delay, dive into the details below and find out when are you going to get to see this amazing movie in theatres!

Nightmare Alley: Release Date

The director Guillermo del Torro had given the film thumbs up before the pandemic even began but the Covid-19 virus disrupted the plans, otherwise, Nightmare Alley would have come out sooner. But better late than never right? Soon after the situation became stable the production process began and now we are just waiting to come on screens.

So, are ready for the big revelation? This mind-blowing will be coming to your nearest theatres on 17th December this year aka 2021. Guess what? Your Christmas will be even merrier and burning with curiosity this time!! Let the countdown begin!

Nightmare Alley: Cast

The cast is all the more reasons that you should be leaving all plans aside and rush to the nearest movie Hall as soon as possible. To begin with, the protagonists of the movie are the astounding Bradley Cooper in the role of Stanton Carlisle we all know is a phenomenal actor. Opposite him will be the ever-gorgeous and talented Cate Blanchett aka Lilith Ritter as well. So, double the fun!

Other actors who are in no way lesser than the protagonists include William Dafoe aka Clem Hoatley, Rooney Mara reprising Molly, Ron Perlman aka Bruno, Mary Steenburgen aka Miss Harrington, Toni Collette aka Zeena Krumbien, and David Strathairn in the shoes of Pete Krumbein. This star-studded cast is bound to keep you entertained from the get-go especially because they are profound actors.

Nightmare Alley: Plot

The film popularly called Nightmare Alley is a subtle remake of the old but similar resembling 1947 movie which starred the mesmerizing Tyron Power and the quirky yet brilliant Joan Blondell. The supposed plot walks on the footsteps of the slow but steady rise and the eventual fall of a mysterious mentalist called Stanton Carlisle.

Carlisle starts off his career as one of the carnies before successfully achieving greater as well as newer heights, gaining popularity from the masses but witnessed his downfall in his own hands as he sees himself crash landing hard in life. The film still now is hyped but as far as we know del Torro is going to blow away our brains with its slow burner as is evident from his other movies. Till then catch the cliff-hanging official trailer of this one in a million movie!

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