Red Notice is finally arriving on Netflix with hearty laughter, corny jokes, and a whole lot of action! Read below to find out every detail!


The news you have been waiting for so long is finally here. Rawson Marshall Thurber the fantastic director of many power-packed movies has arrived with a bang yet again. This time it’s with the news of the awaited release date of the star-studded movie titled Red Notice which has been doing the rounds for quite a sone time!

This latest Netflix production is coming with good news soon. For those fans who love action movies like Extraction and The Old Guard, Rawson Marshall promises that Red Notice will be everything they are asking for and more. So, when is this anticipated movie going to release? Don’t worry, read below to find out everything you’ve been asking for!

Red Notice: Release Date

Sadly, this masterpiece hadn’t been released yet because the production was conducted in pauses for a long time due to the disruption of the Covid-19 situation. Red Notice was all geared up to arrive on your screen in November the past year that is 2020. But unfortunately, corona pushed the dates way further.

But, the good news is here as the film is set to be back on screen this year that is 2021 on 12th November! Do you know what that means? It’s hardly a month away before you delve into the amazing world of Guillermo del Toro and experience action like never before! I Hope, you have booked your dates right away! Stay tuned folks, as 12th November is your day!

Red Notice: Cast

As you already must know by now, the action/thriller film has some of the most brilliant actors collaborating that will give you a blasting watch! For the three protagonists, we have The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson playing the role of John Hartley, the stunning Israeli actress Gal Gadot, and the dashing Ryan Reynolds.

Other actors to appear in this film include Ritu Arya, Michael Wilkerson, Melissa Kennemore, Chris Diamantopoulos, and Tom Choi to name a few. Seeing all these talented actors on the screen you all must be relieved that the film is going to be an awesome watch that’s for sure because some of these actors are known to be phenomenal in stunts! Are you ready for it?

Red Notice: Plot

There is still not much information about the plot or anticipated premiere of the Netflix original production as the team has done a good job in keeping it lowkey and tight-lipped. All that we know, we know it from the trailer which gives us the hint that both actions, as well as comedy, will play a key role in the entire film that will keep the audiences hooked.

The plot goes this way that the INTERPOL for the public interest issues something of a red-colored notice to capture a sly and cunning thief in the entire universe, who always manages to flee, avoiding getting caught, before he takes over most sacred and antique things to steal. Watch the official trailer here that will give you both laughs and intense punches.

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