The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2: It is on its way to come to your screen door in 2022!


Chatters about the demon girl next door have been fleeing on the internet for an extended period and we are here with you to tell you what’s the accurate news. We are confident that even if you have not seen the anime then the title is enough to make you develop some interest. As anime is in the limelight and is considered to have the best shows, fans are eagerly waiting for their favorite anime to start airing and if you are the one who is waiting for our answers then without any further ado let’s give you all the minute details.

Release Date: The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2

As far as now we don’t have any authorized announcement about the release date of season 2 but we have a partly official announced month which is April 2022. This news was published by a renowned anime website but is it true? Well, that we will get to know once the creators draw the curtain from the release date. So folks you need to wait and have patience till 2022. The first season was premiered on 26th September 2019 and the delay due to the pandemic is visible as it took time for the second season to come on screen.

Cast: The Demon Girl Next Door

We are not sure about the new faces that might be there in season 2 but we are sure about from whom the characters have got their voice. Konomi Kohara has given voice to the character of Yuko Yoshida, Momo Chiyoda’s mouthpiece is Akari Kitô, Minami Takahashi has given out her voice for Lilith, Anri Sata’s character has got a voice from Sayaka Senbongi, Sayaka Ôhara has given voice to the character of Seiko Yoshida, Ryoko Yoshida has got a voice from Hitomi Ôwada and there are many artists who have given their voice to bring life into the characters!

Storyline: The Demon Girl Next Door

We imagine weird things, don’t we? Sometimes we imagine ourselves turning into something which is not possible in practical life but it is practical in this anime whose story is adapted from a manga comic that was scripted by Izumo Ito. The girl Yuko Yoshida wakes up one day just to find out that she is turning into a demon and now have a tail and horns which seem to be firmly attached to her body and we believe that you might have surmised that after hearing the title of the series.

Her mother opens up the secret that they all belong to a clan that has been cursed and all their power has been taken up and the only one who can remove the curse is the protagonist herself who will have to find the lady, murder her, and gets her blood all over the statue of the Demon God. So is she successful in doing that? Will she be able to accept herself as a demon? Well, these questions are for you to answer but do you really need to watch this anime? Well yes! it can be a pretty good choice and we have a fan-made trailer of season 2 with us.

Trailer: The Demon Girl Next Door




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