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Alexandra Grant is not an obvious name until she dated her current boyfriend, Keanu Reeves. Before that, no one knows who she is, where she lived and what is her net worth, etc. Neither people know that she will be the girlfriend of Keanu Reeves nor she knows that she will become this rich and popular.  A person from a middle-class family who has reached the high-class level is what we are going to deal with here. So here let us discuss all those stuff without much ado!

Biography: Alexandra Grant

She was born in 1973, in Ohio, United States of America. She was born to travel scholars who got a divorce later. As a result of her parent’s divorce, she moved to live with her mother in Mexico. From there she went to British School and the school St. Louis in Missouri. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in arts from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. She secured her Master’s degree in arts from California College of Arts. When she was staying alone, her career and her studies were her two eyes. She treated them both with good love and care. Due to that she studied a lot and developed her skills in her major. Then she focused on the part of her visual arts where she started to excel in her skills without any hesitation. She got a sister who is a writer as well as an editor. So she gets manuscripts and concepts from her too. Right from her college life, she started to live her life. She did not depend on her mother anymore.

Career: Alexandra Grant

Coming to the point of her career, one can easily say that she is an all-rounder. It is because she is a visual artist, professor, mentor, philanthropist, etc. Her career as a visual artist began in 2007 in her 1st exhibition presented at the museum of contemporary art, California. She used the manuscripts and concepts given to her by many artists, linguists, philosophers, and writers. Her sister is also a writer and editor with whom she collaborates often.

Her career other than being a visual artist is mentoring. She mentored many workshops and working as a professor in Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Distance and in Ghana and Syracuse University. She is also a writer who wrote and published Ode to Happiness and Sadness with the help of her current boyfriend. Living as a normal woman is easy but it is not that easy to lead one’s life towards her ambition and achieve more in their desired work.

Networth: Alexandra Grant

Being an artist does not seek money in enormous amounts. They seek an identity and landmark for their talent and skills. Doing one’s desired work is the real gift from God. Alexandra Grant is not a deviated one in this case. She travels on the same track as a true artist travels. Her path was also rough and tough. but she anyhow crossed it and reaching the top of her target. Her net worth is about $1 million. Stay tuned for more information!


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