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Can anyone be able to become a rich person in one shot? If that happens, then everyone in this world will become rich in one night. This is won’t work out in reality. but what if I say that this magical thing happened in this world, and it was achieved by a female? Yes. A female named Anna Sorokin indeed gained international focus. She became popular in one night. But this negative popularity is not good for anyone. The wish for living a luxurious life will drag a person to stand behind the bars for many years. So here we are going to discuss the character Anna Sorokin’s biography, career, and Net Worth. Without much ado let us dive into the topic!

Biography: Anna Sorokin

A Russian-born fraudster Sorokin who is 30 years old now, gained international attention towards her. It happened in one night. And that is because of her perfect talent in scamming $80.5 million in the name of trust funds from financial institutions, banks, hotels, friends, etc.

It is still a surprise for the innocent people who don’t know hoe did she scam in such a perfect way. Though the cops and officials know that they won’t reveal that out with a good reason not to spoil the public. After this scam, she moved to New York City in 2013. There she changed her identity as Anna Delvey a German heiress. She got new friends from rich families. She has a list of staying in luxury hotels, eating in famous restaurants, and constant visits to the spas. Everything gave a clue to the cops to arrest her. Even in NYC she did not spend her own money but enjoys everything from her friend’s expenditure. Her friends reported that she gives reasons such as her card is not valid in the particular restaurants, her account was invalid in some places, forgot to bring the purse, etc. Everything pushes her friends to pay for her.

Career: Anna Sorokin

Anna Sorokin was not the bad-natured girl from the beginning. She began her career by working in a public relations company, and then to develop her skills, she moved to Paris where she completed her internships and started her own fashion company for which she met many wealthy persons and found that her dream may not come true. So to achieve her desire, she chose the wrong path. She showed her another face to the world which made the entire world turn towards her. In 2017, she was arrested for allegedly spending other’s money and fake claim of herself as the heiress of Germany. In 2018, her plea was rejected and her defense lawyer said that Anna Sorokin is an entrepreneur, who moved to New York for brightening her future career. In 2019, she accepted her mistakes and agreed to the court’s punishment. she must pay the fine amount of $24000, and the court ordered her to refund the debt amount she scammed from the financial institutions of $199000.

Net Worth: Anna Sorokin

Her it’s a talented and skilled way of cheating and scamming inspired Netflix who officially got permission from the required persons to film the life experience of Anna Sorokin under the title, “Inventing Anna”. In that movie, the lead actor will be Juliana Garner. Anna’s net worth is estimated as $97000which was given by Netflix in advance to Anna for making a film on her life. she uses that money to settle her refund amount to financial institutions. Stay tuned for more information!


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