Demon Slayer to come on Netflix with a Season 2 soon! Know every detail before anyone else!


Anime lovers, it’s your time to rejoice as your favorite shows of all time might just be returning for a renewal. Action/anime has always been a favorite genre for many anime lovers and such a Netflix production that has taken the anime freaks by storm is the series titled Demon Slayer.

Now, there have been talks that after a successful 1st season which ended in 2019, the 2nd edition is not far behind! So, if you too want to know when the sequel is coming to your screens, read below!

Demon Slayer 2: Release Date

The grueling 1st season had 26 nail-biting episodes which concluded in the year 2019 post which in the year 2020, a Demon Slayer movie was released. And now, after the pandemic is almost over, the show makers are here to announce something important.

The news you have been waiting for is here! The 2nd installment of Demon Slayer is rushing to your favorite OTT platform Netflix on the 5th of December this year to make your Christmas even merrier. Book your dates already!

Demon Slayer 2: Cast

The voice cast members of the initial season are making a comeback in the 2nd season as well. They are Natsuki Hanae voicing Tanjirou, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka aka the aggressive Inosuke, and Hiro Shimono aka Zenitsu.

Apart from these main protagonists, we will also be seeing Katsuyuki Konishi giving his voice to one of the powerful characters Tengen Uzui. Apart from them if there are newer characters then newer voice members are also to be introduced.

Demon Slayer 2: Plot

The renewal will mark the beginning right after the 1st season and hence will be much of a continuation of the initial series. We will be seeing the primary characters undertaking a journey with a rebellious demon slayer to the land of Yoshiwara to assassinate a demon wreaking havoc.

The rest of the supposed story will focus on the journey of these characters as they go on adventures and fight obstacles and explore the dangerous world of Hashira as both Nezuko and her well-wisher Tanjirou develop a complex relationship pattern. There will be more twists and emotional drama as well as tear-jerking moments that will make you hooked from the beginning itself.

Demon Slayer: Storyline

The epic narrative of Tanjirou Kamado, a kind-hearted kid who returns home one day to find his entire family killed by invading demons, is told in Demon Slayer, which is set in Taisho-era Japan. Worse, he discovers that his sister, Nezuko, has been transformed into a violent demon.

He swears to become a top-class demon slayer and find a way to restore her to human form, swearing to revenge her. But to save his sister Tanjirou enters Demon Slayer Corps and learns tricks and tips of how to cohabit with a demon. He is determined to visit Hashira and find the cure so that he can turn his beloved sister into a human once again. Here’s the official trailer of this anime for you to watch.

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