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Robots are the greatest human dream project to accomplish. ever imagined that humans and robots will live together as friends and family? You might imagine after watching many movies based on the theme of friendship between Robots and humans. But have you imagined it when you were a kid? If yes, then you are a genius! You predicted the future! you might be wondering that what is the reason for these questions right now? There is a reason for asking these questions. The reason is, the anime series “Megaton Musashi” deals with the main theme of life with robots. Sounds interesting, right? Come on! Without much ado, let us dive into the topic.

Release Date: Megaton Musashi Ep2

There is a piece of good news for the fans of this series. The production unit has announced the release date for this series. The most awaited time has come. Now you the fans must be ready to count down the days for your dream day to come and entertain you. The release date is commenced on 8th October 2021. You can enjoy the series by watching it on Youtube. For the fans who are waiting for the series with English subtitles, you must wait furthermore days to get your desired English subtitled videos of this series as the translation process takes a little time to finish.

Cast: Megaton Musashi Ep2

The series got a big fan base before its first episode release. It was possible because this series was established in the form of light novels. Those novels attracted more readers and those readers were attracted by the main casts. The lead characters are, Musashi, Ryugo Hijikata, Yamato Ichidaiji. Musashi is the hero of the series and the other two are co-heroes of this series. These three characters are referred as the chosen one who strives hard to save the world from the aliens.

Plot: Megaton Musashi Ep2

The above-mentioned three lead characters are superheroes who strive hard to save the world from future threats. The three get hard training and practice a lot to face the problems that arise in the future at any time. As humans and robots started to live together as friends for an extended period, they felt happy and peace rules the world, and no more threats come on their way. But they were not aware that their world will be hunted by aliens.

Storyline: Megaton Musashi Ep2

The story goes like Musashi and his friends enjoyed their days in joy. Musashi thought that this world is filled with happiness and peace. They have no more threats to attack them. But the story begins from here. The world was hunted by aliens from an unknown planet. They are very powerful who never hesitate to kill anybody who interferes in their way. They knew that the earth is a suitable planet for living. Due to that they invaded earth and killed 99% of human beings and started to rule the earth. Our chosen one crew stands against the aliens boldly and tries their best to defeat them.

Trailer: Megaton Musashi Ep2

The trailer of episode 2 of this series was attached here for your convenience. Stay tuned for more details here!



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