Titans Season 3: DC characters are coming alive for you! Read to know Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and more!


We know! we know! what’s the hype about the series of Titans. DC comics have been renowned all over the world which adds as an advantage to the series of Titans do you know why? Well, that you will get to know in the coming up passages. And there are many doubts about fans that will be clear in this article as we have all the information that is very much required by you! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go together to witness the journey of Titan Season 3.

Release Date: Titans Season 3

Again, a piece of good news from us! Titans Season 3 is running on your favorite web portals so in case you have missed it hurry up! You might lack behind from your friends as the season is completing its episode faster! The season started to get premiered on 12th August 2021 and has completed 10 episodes on 30th September and the audience will be able to see on 7th October 2021. Season 2 started on 6th September 2019 and due to the pandemic it could not start in 2020 but that’s the case with most of the series.

Cast: Titans Season 3

We have the official trailer with us and also the star cast of Titans who have been heading various roles and there are faces who have been there since the initial season to the current one. Brenton Thwaites is heading the role of Dick Grayson, Kory Ander’s role is been enacted by Anna Diop, Ryan Potter has signed up for the role of Gar Logan, Rachel Roth’s role has been taken up by Teagan Croft, Curran Walters is heading the role of Jason Todd, Dawn Granger’s role is been enacted by Minka Kelly, Iain Glen is heading the role of Bruce Wayne and there are many other actors who have lit up the show with their acting skills.

Storyline and Plot: Titans

As I mentioned above and if you have carefully seen the images, the advantage the series gets is by adding characters from DC comics which grabs the attention of the viewers. When the series starts we see that Jason Todd is searching for the Joker and founds out the exact location of the Joker and calls up Bruce Wayne who denies Todd from locating Joker but Jason being Jason starts hunting for him and before he goes to kill him, he inhales a certain type of drug and all these scenes result into Todd getting killed by the Joker. After listening to this news, Greyson goes to Gotham City to console Bruce Wayne and he gets to know that Todd was dealing with some chemical equations which are related to a drug. This is the highlight of the first episode. By episode 11, the story starts revolving around Greyson, and there come to the characters of DC’s in limelight and the story starts to get intense as there is a lot more to reveal. So what are you waiting for? Open up your Netflix and Amazon Prime to discover this series!

Trailer: Titans Season 3


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