Truth Be Told Season 2: There are so many secrets that makes it necessary for us to spill the beans!


Let the truth be told to you our dear readers, For the first time in our history we are going to add spoilers in this article. After season 1 made a great debut on Apple TV, season 2 is moving on its way to create another remarkable remark in the hearts of the audience but wait, why worry about season 3 when we have so much left to discuss season 2? So what you’re waiting for? Let’s dive into the details.

Release Date: Truth Be Told Season 2

Very fortunately, we don’t need to go to the same old line of “there is no such official announcement” because season 2 is already airing! Wait! What? Did you just miss it? Well, you are missing out a lot pal, it got started on 20th August, and on 8th October episode 8 will be premiered and you can still watch it before your friend starts flaunting about the scenes and moments. Season 2 is going to start airing on Apple TV from 8th October and is going to be on the journey till 22nd October 2021 with episodes of around 50 minutes duration. Yeah, this series demands one hour of the day which is a lot to ask. The initial season started to get broadcasted from 9th December 2019 and a bit of delay due to the pandemic is clearly shown but it didn’t hinder the journey of the series and is smoothly running with all its seasons and episodes in line.

Cast: Truth Be Told

We have the official trailer with us whose link would be provided below and if we have the trailer, we have the information about the star cast so let us make you friendly with the star cast of season 2. Octavia Spencer has signed up for the role of Poppy Parnell who is the protagonist, Micah Keith’s role is being enacted by Kate Hudson, Mekhi Phifer has signed up for the role of Markus Killebrew, Holt Redding’s role is been taken up by Christopher Backus, Tracie Thoms has signed up for the role of Desiree Scoville, Cydia Scoville’s role is been played up by Haneefah Wood and many other actors have lit up the series with their acting skills.

Storyline and Plot: Truth Be Told

Good news to all the intense and dark theme lovers out there! It is a crime thriller series that automatically attracts the attention of the audience. Season 1 has a very intense plot where Poppy who is a crime podcaster deals with the case of a murderer named Warren Cave whom she surmises as the killer of the father of pair of twins. Poppy sets on the mission to identify the murderer and is expected to be able to distinguish between innocence and lie. The plot of season2- Poppy again come to solve the mysteries revolving around her and is joined by Kate Hudson to solve the mystery. If we specifically talk about the 8th episode, it is named Untold Story which already gives us hint about the spilling of secrets and there are going to be secrets that will be discovered by Rose and it is related to Micah who is an author and the life will be much more difficult for the artist. Apologies for the hints but it was necessary folks! Now, enjoy the trailer.

Trailer: Truth Be Told Season 2


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