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It is extraordinary to know that still, the idea of merman and mermaid exists as a mystery even in this technologically developed world. As there are no clear details about them, the imagination of human beings has no limits to control especially when it comes to the merman and mermaid life. Those imaginations are,  the king of the ocean will be merman as the king of land will be the human being. There is a myth that a mermaid or a merman will get legs when they are exposed to the sun and there will be no difference between them and human beings. One such animation series “Aquaman: King of Atlantis” entirely deals with the life of a merman with no fishtail. This is the speciality of the series. Without much ado let us hop into the topic!

Release Date:- Aquaman

There is a piece of good news regarding the release date. The series will be released on 14th October 2021 which falls on Thursday. This will make the fans and audience jump high as their favourite series will be coming soon on the HBO Max platform. Let all the fans start to count the days for their favourite series to come to cherish them soon on their television!

Cast:- Aquaman

The major characters are listed here. Without those characters, this series has nothing to deal with. These characters are Such important. To quote here, these characters are confirmed officially. Those confirmed characters are, Vulko (scholar), Mera (aqua-controller), Aquaman (protagonist), Ocean Master, and more! There is a list of producers and executives dealt with here. They are, Victor Courtright, Marly Graser, are showrunners as well as co-executive producers. Whereas, the executive producers are James, Michael, Rob, Sam. These characters were given excellent voices by the talented voiceover artists who poured life into these characters.

Plot:- Aquaman

Here the plot goes like this, the protagonist ascends the throne of Atlantis. It was his first day as a king after his father. Aquaman was not the only son of his father. He has a half-brother who feels jealous of Aquaman who ascended the throne rather than him. Aquaman has many pending works to do. Fortunately, he got assistance from two faithful people. They are, Vulko and Mera. They helped Aquaman to finish his task and precisely guide him to rule the ocean kingdom. This king of supporters will always be faithful to their kings throughout their life.

Storyline:- Aquaman

Aquaman: King of Atlantis is an American animated series that is an event in 3 parts from Warner Bros. This is a weekly released episode that attracts more audience for its inspiring plot. The plot will be like, Aquaman will ascend the throne as the king. He finds it hard to rule the ocean kingdom without the help of Vulko and Mera. And he needs to face the challenges imposed indirectly by his half-brother. He needs to overcome the jealous feelings of his half-brother and the everyday challenges that the ocean kingdom faces.

Trailer:- Aquaman

For your convenience, here is the trailer of Aquaman. Stay tuned for more information here!


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