More drama and mystery to feature in Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 2! Learn what awaits in this latest drama series!


Blue Bloods, one of the best ventures of Paramount plus has successfully captured the attention of thousands of fans over the world owing to its fantastic screenplay, witty characters, and also the gripping storyline filled with drama, action, and a whole lot of suspense which is unmatched to any CBS production till date.

Since its latest release on the 1st of October this year, fans have been going gaga over the story and can’t wait to find out when will the anticipated 2nd episode of the 12th season going to release. Thus, if you too are curious, then you have come to the right place! Just read below to find out all the amazing details of this sitcom.

Blue Bloods 2: Release Date

Are you ready for the big revelation? Here it is! The most-awaited 2nd episode of none other the best show of CBS ever which is Blue Bloods will premiere on 8th October 2021 with a brand new story that will keep the audiences hooked.

It has been deciphered that the whole 12th season was short extensively in the year 2019 but due to the restrictions of Covid 19, the show got pushed back and delayed much further than it should! But thankfully Blue Bloods finally got an airing date this year and we are glad to finally catch up on the series.

Blue Bloods 2: Cast

Be prepared to watch all your loved actors return in the 2nd episode. They include Tom Selleck aka the handsome and charming Frank Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg aka Danny Reagan, Bridget Moynahan aka the beautiful Erin Reagan, and Will Estes aka Jamir Reagan.

Other important cast members who will be joining consist of Len Cariou aka the hilarious Henry Reagan, Marisa Ramirez aka the detective known as Maria Baez, Sami Gayle aka Nicky Reagan Boyle, and Vanessa Ray aka the phenomenal Officer known as Eddie Janko.

Blue Bloods 2: Plot

Not much is known of what might happen in the 2nd episode after the cliffhanger of the previous one but the episode title has been named Time Like These which indicates something either in the present moment or the past which is worthy of love and attention, that makes your heart happy.

From what it looks like, the 2nd episode will see the tension building up between Frank as well as the Mayor called Chase due to Frank who assists a suspicious arrest in the town in front of the public. Moreover, both Danny, as well as Baez, try to find out a mysterious attack from a gang of rouges, and episode 2 also hints at the raising doubts of Jamie who thinks his wife Eddie is secretly meeting someone else.

Blue Bloods 2: Storyline

For those who are unaware, Blue Bloods follows the story of a generation of cops who go through ups and downs, fighting their demons, with the inside story of cops being highlighted for the first time as we get to know deeper as to what a cops life is like.

In the final moments of the 1st episode, we witnessed that Jamie finally decides to shake off his golden lad reputation in front of his father and gives in to the tradition of becoming a cop leaving his former aspiration of becoming a lawyer. Watch the season 12 trailer here.

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