Star Trek Prodigy will return with a back on your screens very soon! Learn all that’s about to happen before it premieres!


Lovers of the action/adventure genre intergalactic movie which has become a cult classic amongst generations of fans since the early 1900s is the movie titled Star Trek. Now, Paramount+, as well as Nickelodeon, have joined hands to produce the 1st ever animated version of Star Trek titled Star Trek: Prodigy.

So, are you interested in finding out when the best intergalactic series coming on screens as Star Trek is such an appreciated franchise that it is watched by hundreds of people, be it, adults or kids? So, without further delay, read below to find out all the amazing details!

Star Trek Prodigy 2: Release Date

You must be amused to know that Star Trek Prodigy hasn’t even released its 1st season, but such is the fandom and demand of this extraordinary series that the show makers have agreed to announce the back-to-back date of release of both 2 consecutive seasons.

Are you ready for the revelation yet? The anticipated Prodigy is all set to leave a mark on you on 28th October this year aka 2021. It will contain 10 power-packed episodes to keep the audience hooked. What’s more, the producers have even revealed that the production of the 2nd part is in the process and it will release sometime in the year 2022! Double the fun is yet to begin!

Star Trek Prodigy 2: Cast

The animated characters, each having a back story are here to steal your heart! But do you know who are the voices behind these characters? Well, here they are! The excellent Kate Mulgrew will be voicing the primary role of Kathryn Janeway, Brett Gray will lend his voice to the character Dal, and Angus Imrie will play Zero.

Other secondary voice casts who will be present evoking the perfect emotions include Jason Mantzoukas aka the quirkyJankom Pog, Rylee Alazraqui aka the burly yet soft-hearted Rok-Tahk, and lla Purnell aka the braveheart Gwyn. With all these amazing characters, the countdown begins to witness them in full action!

Star Trek Prodigy 2: Storyline

Don’t be deterred from thinking that Star Trek Prodigy is a children’s series, because it’s more than that and you will miss out on a lot if you don’t! The plot as is known will follow a futuristic world in the time of 2383 which takes off after the fabulous ending of Star Trek Voyager. It’s the journey of a team of aliens who ventures into an adventure. These aliens belong to Delta Quadrant and while roaming finds themselves come face+to-face with an isolated and ruined ship of the Star known as USS Protostar.

The story as is evident from the trailer will mark the adventures of these aliens as they decide to work uniformly, overcoming dangers, and move from their original universe that is Delta Quadrant to their destination that is Alpha Quadrant. Will they succeed in the venture? That’s for the 1st and 2nd seasons to decipher. For now, watch the action-infused trailer of this animated series!

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