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Chucky is the horror character that filled fear in all 90’s kids. the first movie this character is cast in is, child’s play. This is a doll that was obsessed with a serial killer soul. It was a nightmare for the children and adults on those days. Whenever people saw a doll in their room they feared a lot that the soul of a serial killer might obsess the doll. And now they laugh at their innocent behavior. What if that young age nightmare comes to your TV screen again? Will you still be afraid? As you are an adult now you may feel that you won’t get horrified. But the filming technology also improved as time passes. So there may be too horrific plots and scenes that may be dealt with. Without much ado let us look into the topic!

Release Date: Chucky

Fortunately, the production unit announced the release date for the movie. It will come to the big screens on 12th October 2021. All the horror movie lovers will enjoy this movie for sure. Those who have seen the movie child’s play, are familiar with the character Chucky and its horrific nature. It is cute in appearance but terrific in character. For sure, it is a well-entertained movie with unexpected twists and turns.

Cast: Chucky

The characters may differ as the film release had a long gap. But the core characters are not changed in the confirmed list of characters is in the plot. The characters are listed here. Those characters are Jennifer Tilly, Nica Pierce, Andy Barclay, Kyle, Zackary Arthur, Teo Briones, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Bjorguin Arnarson, Barbara Alyn Woods, Jason, Charles Lee Ray, more. Apart from these characters, more characters play a supporting role in the film. their names were not mentioned here. the director and writer of this movie are Mancini and the producer of the movie is David Kirschner.

Plot: Chucky

The story begins with the doll for kids was in some other random area. It was taken by someone and he repairs it. Still, the soul of the serial killer resides in it. When it was done with the repair, it was purchased by a kid and the story begins here. The doll was named Chucky and starts to command the kid to kill each one without the kid’s knowledge. As usual in all horror films, if a child was stuck in the clutches of a ghost or evil, the mother will come and saves the kid after a great struggle. This movie is not a deviation from that plot.

Storyline: Chucky

The movie Chucky is a horror movie series filmed and published in the USA. It has 10 episodes. It was also called a hunting series. Chucky is a serial killer when he was a human being. he died accidentally and his soul was trapped in the body of a doll. Though he was a doll, his character remained terrific. This film began its filming process in March 2021. and it is ready to release. The released date is on 12th October 2021. Now the fans must count down the dates to watch the movie.

Trailer: Chucky

The trailer of the film Chucky was attached here for your convenience. Stay tuned for more information!


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