Will there be “Chicago Party Aunt Season 2?” Check here to know everything that we know so far!


Partying gives fun in life. It is leisure time to spend with friends and enjoy one’s time with fun. To be frank, it is simply wasting money to enjoy life. Instead of spending too much money, one can find fun in many alternative ways. Every adult scolds the younger generation for spending money on parties. What if the 40-year-old person spends her life partying, hanging with somebody else. Enjoying life in such a way is awesome but the reason behind partying is living a lonely life is not that good. Here is an anime series that deals with this plot. It is, “Chicago Party Aunt”. Without much ado, let us dive into the topic!

Release Date: Chicago Party Aunt S2

Unfortunately, it is a piece of sad news for the fans of this series. As the production unit did not give any information regarding the release date or any other news about this series. So there is no information to convey regarding the release date of this series. And another reason is, the first season is still running on televisions. So there is no official information announced yet. This may make the fans worry a little but there is a piece of good news for them to cheer. Season 3 is also planned to undergo the filming process. Most probably, it may release in September and December 2022. The dates may vary as per the pace of the filming process. Let us all hope for the soon release.

Cast: Chicago Party Aunt S2

As there is no official information, there is no confirmed list of characters here. But, surely, the main characters from season 1 will come in season 2 as well. Those characters, Diane Dunbrowski, Daniel, Jill Talley’s Bonnie, Ike Barinholtz Mark, Kurt (Chris Witaske), Mikey (Jon Barinholtz), Zuzana, Tina, and more. Here the character Diane Dunbrowski is the lead character who parties often and spends her earnings only in parties. To quote, here she is 40 years old. she leads a lonely life. To quench her thirst for living in a family, she hangs out with new persons who may be elder than her or younger than her.

Plot: Chicago Party Aunt S2

Diane Dunbrowski, a 40-year-old lady who spends her life partying and lavishly spends money in it. She has no relations to care for her except her nephew Daniel. Though she has a big generation gap, she tries to fit with those younger generation people. But it is expected that no younger generation cares about her or accepts her in their gang. Her nephew Daniel also feels awkward about his aunt’s behavior.

Storyline: Chicago Party Aunt S2

As there is no official news regarding the series, there is no official information on the confirmed storyline. But the fans have some assumptions on the second season plot. That is, Diane’s nephew also will leave her alone and goes to abroad for his higher education. From then the second season may reach its hot seat. It is still unclear that whether she will lead a lonely life or she will enter into a relationship? Let us all hope for a soon release of the series.

Trailer: Chicago Party Aunt S2

Here the trailer of season 1 was attached as there is no official information regarding the second season. This is added here for your convenience. Stay tuned for more updates here!



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