A Boy Called Christmas to release on Netflix this upcoming Christmas! All the details you need to know is here!


Ready to begin your Christmas with fun and fervor? Netflix has decided to release the latest edition of its collection of Christmas favorites. The name of the highly anticipated movie is ready to uplift your Christmas spirits! The name of the film is A Boy Called Christmas.

Now, you must all be wondering what this Netflix and Sky Cinema collaboration is bringing you to the table this time. Well, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Just read below to find out all that’s about to happen in this Christmas-themed movie which fans can’t seem to stop talking about!

A Boy Called Christmas: Release Date

Are you ready for it yet, as a streaming platform, Netflix has already announced the date of airing this massive film, bound to steal your heart and get your Christmas spirits high! Okay, we won’t keep you waiting any longer and reveal the date here itself!

A Boy Called Christmas, is all set to premiere on your screens this year that is 2021 on 26th November! Are you squealing with excitement yet? Apart from being released on Netflix, it will also be featured globally in countries like New Zealand, UK, Australia, and Germany to name a few! So, book your dates for 27th November alright?

A Boy Called Christmas: Cast

You would be amazed to find out that some of the excellent actors are to star in this movie that will be all the more reason to binge-watch it as soon as possible! To name the protagonist, we have Henry Lawful debuting as the funky Nikolas who will make us go ROFL with his hilarious screen presence.

Apart from that, we will also be having some of the greatest actors on screen who are Toby Jones in the shoes of Father Topo, Dame Maggie Smith aka Aunt Ruth, Jim Broadbent aka Father Vodol, Sally Hawkins aka Mother Something, and Stephen Merchant voicing the animated and funky mouse Miika! With such a star-studded cast the film is ought to be a blockbuster!

A Boy Called Christmas: Plot

As far as we know, A Boy Called Christmas follows the story of a little boy named Nikolas who is lovingly called “Christmas” by the others ventures into an adventurous journey across the cold, snowy, and harsh region of the North in search of his missing father. As a twist, Nikolas’ father was a long-lost man who had also journeyed across the snow-laden paths of the North looking for a village of elves known as Elfheim!

On his treacherous journey, Nikolas comes across many challenges but overcomes them gracefully, finally finding the mysterious land of Elfheim. But to his shock he realizes that the elves despise humans and captures Nikolas, throwing him into the dark and dingy dungeon where he befriends a pixie who always tells the truth a hungry and bulky troll. Will he be able to escape and find his father? That’s for the film to decide. For now, watch the amazing trailer.

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