Jamie Johnson Season 6 is not far behind! Here’s every detail and information you need to know about this latest sports series!


Football fans, hold your breath as your favorite football series is in the talks for now and we hope that it’s talking about renewal. Yes, we are talking about the CBBC show titled Jamie Johnson which has grabbed eyeballs ever since its release.

After the conclusion of the recent 5th season, fans have been wondering whether they would be able to catch a glimpse of the next season or do they have to say goodbye to the show. Well, to know everything, all you have to do is read below!

Jamie Johnson 6: Release Date

Fans are already aware that the exciting 5th season concluded on July 20th in the previous year that is 2020. Fans especially the adrenaline-pumping kids and eager teens are mostly awaiting the release of the next season. So is it coming or not?

Well, sorry to break your bubble but the show makers haven’t really thought of an exact date of release of this highly popular show but haven’t even hinted at a cancellation. But, owing to the popularity of the series, chances are that the 6th season might return early in the following year which is 2022! Hold your gear folks!

Jamie Johnson 6: Cast

If a 6th season is made then do be prepared to watch the return of Louis Dunn in the shoes of Jamie Johnson, Emma Stansfield aka Karen Johnson who will portray the mother of Jamie, and Tim Danstay aka Mike Johnson.

Other phenomenal casts who are to return include Haydn Craven aka Liam Simmonds, Olivia Lava aka Jack Marshall, and John Farnworth aka Theo Banes. Apart from that, we might also get introduced to newer characters on screen. So, stay put till then!

Jamie Johnson 6: Plot

Although not much is known about the plot of the expected newer season, we know that it will probably take off from where the previous season ended. The plot will mainly highlight the obstacles and challenges faced by Jamie in his career in football, and how he overcomes these challenges with grace!

There can be instances of Jamie getting bullied and how he fares in the field of football, how he tackles in the field, pursuing his dream, and how he forges unmissable friendships along with how he deals with his sworn enemies, with a hint of a love forming. Thus, there’s a lot that might happen in the 6th edition.

Jamie Johnson 5: Storyline

Telling the story of aspiring footballers, the previous season which is the 5th one, dealt with the dangerous accident of James Jackson which changed his life altogether. But he struggles his best and finds himself in the e-sports where he can compete.

Gladly, in the final moments, we see an epic match between two rival football teams where Jamie emerges victorious saving Kingsmount and giving a proud name to his team, and earning fame from his teammates. But, we see him ignoring rehabilitation and suffer grave consequences for it too. Watch the season 5 trailer here!

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