“Station 19 Season 5”: Unique romantic drama is coming up in the second episode! Read more to know the details!


Adding to the list of the romance genres, Station 19 is based on relationship drama but In a pretty unique way, that you will get to know while reading the storyline. So when is episode 2 of your favorite season is coming? do you have any other and want us to answer? Well, we will address everything that we witness and get asked by our readers. So without any further ado let’s dive into the details.

Release Date: Station 19 Season 5

Station 19 Season 5 started to get premiered on 30th September and buffs are eagerly waiting for the episode which is going to start broadcasting from 7th October 2021 so yes fans! No need to wait more and yes if you have missed the series, chill! you can still cover up the episodes before your friends start gossiping about it. Season 1 started to get premiered on 22nd March 2018 and is now heading towards the 5th season as it got a lot of affection from the viewers.

Cast: Station 19 Season 5

If you haven’t started watching season 5 yet then hold on and know the cast details over here. Jaina Lee Ortiz is heading the role of Andy Herrara, Dr. Ben Warren’s role is been enacted by Jason George, Grey Damon has signed up for the role of Jack Gibson, Victoria Hughes’s character is been played by Barrett Doss, Jay Hayden has signed up for the role of Travis Montogomery, Dean Miller’s role is been headed by Okieriete Onaodowan, Danielle Savre has signed up for the role of Maya Bishop, Robert Sullivan’s role is been enacted by Boris Kodjoe and many others co-actors have lit up the show.

Storyline and Plot: Station 19

Let us talk about the first episode of season 5, Seattle has its way of celebrating the phoenix fair and even the firefighters have the unique one. But there is always a problem and the biggest one is the problem of loneliness and Sullivan faces the same problem and Maya felt hatred for him as his selfish behavior costed her to lose the job. We found out during the series that three of them named Maya, Karina, and Andy tried to fight the decision but it didn’t work. Furthermore, Maya got transferred to station 23 which was the worst situation for both Maya and Andy and it resulted in both the couples getting away from each other. During the phoenix fair, there was an accident that took place whose detail you can only watch when you will go through episode 1.

Well, we will only provide this glimpse of the first episode and if we talk about the second episode, we will see Maya ending up telling her feelings for Sullivan. Maybe or Maybe not! we will leave you in a dilemma as we don’t want to add spoilers to the article but the hint we can give is- the episode is purely based on confession.  Before you watch the second episode, here is the promo below, and that to official! So yes watch it before we come up with the next segment.

Trailer: Station 19 Season 5 Episode 2



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