The release date of the series “You Season 3” is OUT! Check this out to know the Release Date, Cast, Plot and more details here!


Everyone has heard that love makes everyone who loves blind. but have you heard that love turns innocents into murderers? It gives goosebumps out of fear while speaking this with you. What if it happens in real? The sad truth is, it is happening in reality. This horrific reality was pictured into a beautiful fictional novel ‘Hidden Bodies, You Love Me’, etc penned by Caroline Kepnes. Based on her novel, the series “You” was filmed and it received more welcome from the public. Here the release date, cast, plot, and more details were dealt with. So let us hop into the topic without much ado!

Release Date: You Season 3

Fortunately, there is a piece of good news for all the fans of the series You here. That piece of good news is, the production unit has announced the release date of the series officially. It is now the days to count down and not too long for the arrival of the series. The production unit announced that the series will release on 15th October 2021. Not much longer to wait for the series to breathe this world independently. Can’t wait to watch this series!

Cast: You Season 3

This series is completely based on the cast but not completely on the plot anymore as the cast played a major role than the plot here. Those characters appeared in both seasons and may appear in the upcoming season also. Those characters are Joe, Love Quinn, Guinevere Beck, Forty Quinn, James Scully, Ellie, Delilah, Theo, Dottie Quinn, Cary, Sherry, Shalita Grant, Michaela McManus, etc.

Plot: You Season 3

The plot of this season will begin with the end of the last season. The couple became new parents for a baby boy against the expectations of Joe who wanted a girl. And the plot of season 3 begins with the cake cutting for welcoming the newborn to their home. Joe was killing people with love who decided to be good a father and a husband to his family. But it was not that easy for him to live with Love, his wife. So he took a trip towards NorthWest and found a job as usual by changing his identity.

Storyline: You Season 3

This is a thriller series which attracted more audience towards it. The storyline of this series is about the murdered who cannot tolerate the misleads of others. If the couple wanted to kill them they will without thinking about the consequences. They murdered their family members, neighbors, and the people whom they known. Once they murdered them, they will move to some other new places after burying the dead bodies and jump to new cities and changes their identity, and starts to live a new life. Where Joe finds it boring to hide and live, he moves towards NorthWest and finds a job as a librarian where he finds Marienne for whom he showed his love is honest by following simple traditional methods. Even in this season, there will be murders and many plot twists.

Trailer: You Season 3

The trailer of this series is attached here for your convenience. Stay connected with us!


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