A Million Little Things Season 4: The new season has started already! Read to know more about it!


Remember we met before talking about the same series? But that time the fans were waiting for the series to start premiering and now they are watching the episodes! So in case you have missed any details or are waiting for us to let all the stones unturned then my dear fans the waiting was all worth it and now we will be clearing up everything that we left unanswered in the previous article and yes we even have the promo of episode 4 with us whose link will be given at the bottom.

Release Date: A Million Little Things Season 4

Season 4 is already running on screen from 22nd September as we talked earlier about it and in total it has 20 episodes as we got to know from our sources. Season 4 is scheduled to be premiered on 13th October so yes only a few days to go! If we talk about the previous season then it started to broadcast from 19th November 2020 and season 2 from mid-2019. Well, let us shift our focus to the series again.

Cast: A Million Little Things Season 4

The show is getting an amazing response after season 4 started to premiere. Thanks to the awesome plot and most importantly the star cast. Well talking about the star cast, let us introduce you to the actors who are playing various roles in the series. David Guintoli has signed up for the role of Eddie Saville, Rome Howard’s role is been enacted by Romany Malco, Allison Miller is heading the role of Maggie Bloom, Regina Howards’s character is been played by Christina Moses, Grace Park has come up to play the character of Katherine Saville, Theo Saville’s role is been headed by Triston Byon and there are many other actors like Stephanie, Florina, Lizzy, Chance and many other who have lit up this series.

Storyline and Plot: A Million Little Things Season 4

The first episode is titled Family First and if we observe the promo then we get to know that Gary will be suffering the aftermath of his visit to Peter and it is continuing the story from where season 3 got ended. No doubt it is an intense family drama packed with lofty sentiments. It is been set up in Boston and revolves around friends who came to light from different walks of life. After John Dixon passed away, his family tries to get back to normal and runs the usual business. If we talk about episode 1, then it is going to seemingly pace forward from the epic finale of the third season. The intense rivalry between Gary and Peter is very much highlighted and to specifically talk about episode 4 then it is going to highlight the past of Gary which will impact his present with Darcy and even Eddie will uncover most of the secrets just like you are doing right now and then it will also have some highlights about the work scenario and now no more spoilers, although we just gave you hint its now your job to know what happens in Episode 4.

Trailer: A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 4



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