The Nightmare Before Christmas 2: This stop motion animated musical movie doesn’t seem to have a great future!


The Nightmare Before Christmas, the title sounds scary and dangerous, and even it is based on the genre of horror but the more intense the title sounds the more it got rumored among the audience. We feel that the series was not that capable to gain an audience but it still has some fans for whom we are writing this article as they are curious about season 2. So let’s delve into the details.

Release Date: The Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Unfortunately, you still need to keep a lot of patience before the sequel comes in. The creator has to fight for the movie to even get a green signal for the sequel so we can surmise the reason that due to the movie being infamous among the audience, the production house doesn’t seem to have any more hope with it but if we the sequel will come it will probably be in front of screens from mid-2022 but we cannot say anything sure about it. The first movie came in 1993 and now it is 2021 and there is no official announcement giving us a hint of the dicey future of this film.


Cast: The Night Before Christmas 2

We don’t have any trailer for the sequel but we can make you familiar with the voice cast of the initial movie. Chris Sarandon has given out his voice for Jack Skellington, Shally’s mouthpiece is Catherine O’Hara, William Hickey joined in to give voice to the character of Evil Scientist, Mayor has got his voice from Glenn Shadix, Paul Reubens has given out his voice for the character Lock, Oogie Boogie’s mouthpiece is Ken Page and there are many artists like Edward Ivory, Susan McBride, Debi Durst, Greg Proops, Kerry Katz and many other talented people who have given out voice to the characters of this movie. 

Storyline: The Nightmare Before Christmas 2

It is a 1993 animated movie. The film gives us a visit to the Halloween Town which is in the full festive mood and guesses who is heading the celebration? Well, it is Jack Skellington but the routine of daily life starts giving weird vibes to Jack and he wants to do something to escape his boring life. He starts wandering in the forest and explores things and even gets the idea that his town should take up the responsibility of celebrating Christmas. Jack hand over various jobs to the people of the town who will take responsibility for the Christmas celebration. Wait for what? Turning to romance after setting up in horror theme? weird! Jack kidnaps Santa Claus due to some misunderstandings and Santa gets delivered to Oogie Boogie who mistreats and torture him and then ahead story we would like you to see in the movie as you should not judge just by reviews but our honest opinion is that it does not grab our attention as we wrote the storyline the plot seemed vague and disorganized which does the connect the audience. So yes if you want to watch it then watch it at your own risk!

Trailer: The Nightmare Before Christmas


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