Elon Musk says Tesla will move its headquarters to Texas! Read to know more details here!


As per the details, available everyone comes to know that Elon Musk will change the headquarters of one of the companies in Palo California, to Austin Texas. He announced it in the annual meeting of shareholders. All the customers of Austin were happy and they applauded him for this decision. But this sudden change of headquarters from California to Texas created shock in everyone. Musk gave the reason for this sudden decision but then there came the real reason for the shift recently. What is the reason? Why is he wanted to shift from California to Texas? To know the answer to these questions, check here to get clarity. Without much ado, let us dive into the topic!

Tesla is going to shift to Texas!

Elon Musk’s one of the biggest companies aka headquarters Tesla is declared to be built in Texas. It was first built in Palo Alto, California. But then people did not know what happened there. Suddenly, Elon Musk gathered a press meet in an annual meet of shareholders and discussed the change of the headquarters from California to Texas. The meeting was prolonged for a long time than usual. This created tension among the employees, customers, and viewers. At last, after a long discussion, Elon came to the press and said that Tesla is going to change its headquarters from California to Texas. This created a great commotion among people. Some were happy, some were sad, some were confused, some were out of emotion. There was a mix of all emotions.

Elon Musk was questioned that why was he wanted to move his headquarters from California to Texas? He answered that the area in Bay space is not enough for their new project and they wanted to expand their arena. So the shareholders with Musk agreed to move the headquarters to Texas. And he also quoted that the expenses in Palo Alta, California are too much for the employees who find it difficult to rent the houses which costs $330 million (not sure about the data). But it is quite feasible in Austin, Texas. It is affordable for the employees to rent the houses for about $540,000. It’s is not the only reason for this decision.

Musk’s other reason for the change:

Musk also gave another reason for this change. He said that the production in Fremont and Nevada must be increased 50% as there is the production of electric cars is seen in an increased number. He wanted to expand his production circle. But what hinders the production is the unavailability of the chips for manufacturing electric cars. The production of the chips was minimized due to the pandemic. Tesla also faced the opposition from San Francisco Bay Area Health Authority saying that the company should not function so long with more employees as it may lead to danger. That created a clash between Tesla (Musk) and the authority. Due to that, it was said that Musk wanted to move the headquarters to Texas.

Whatever the reason is, the production of Tesla electric cars is acquiring its place among consumers. That is a piece of good news that Tesla is expanding its arena. Stay tuned for more updates!


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