Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: This video game is coming out with a BANG! Read further to know the details!


Grand Theft Auto, one of the most played, well-known, and notable video games which are almost played by everybody, and even if they don’t play it they have heard the name. The GTA series has gained very much appreciation from the customers and to continue The continue the bequest of GTA, the creators are coming up with GTA Trilogy! Yes! A brand new video game. So let’s delve into the details without any further hold-up.

Release Date: GTA Trilogy

The official announcement of the game was released on 8th October so you can expect the game to be launched in the last month of 2021 or even before that. As the official date has not been disclosed yet but this is our assumed month but you can see more revelation from the next week and for iOS and Android users game will be launched in the initial months of 2022. If we talk about the previous work of Rockstar games, GTA V was released on 17th September 2013 and GTA IV was released on 28th April 2008. After 2013, this is Rockstar’s other work in the GTA series. It took a lot of time but at the end of the day, a blockbuster video game requires this much time.

Gameplay: GTA Trilogy

Rockstar Games on the occasion of their anniversary gave the official announcement about the trilogy by proving the rumors true when the leaked poster was circulating around the internet. We are assuming that every aspect of the game is going to be touched and upgraded in some shape or form. They will specifically go to the graphical improvements so we are going to witness updated modern graphics gameplay enhancement for all three titles. The control, the hud, the look and feel of the game are going to be updated so it is going to be something we would typically see in modern times. Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be removed as they are going to be part of the trilogy. So yes if you desire to play this, which you will definitely play then get your devices ready as this can be a BANG!

Story and Setting: GTA Trilogy

In just 25 seconds teaser, Rockstar games have made us skip a beat and have not even revealed a single piece of news that we can know that’s why we don’t have any idea about the story on which it is based. But we will explain to you the story of GTA 3 which we find somewhat relevant to the story of the trilogy. The protagonist named Claude comes into the picture and his girlfriend Catalina who was also a part of San Andreas and after the story of San Andreas where both of them come to Liberty City. Catalina leaves Claude and he is on the verge of dying and the story is all set up on the revenge which Claude takes. We will talk about this trio once we get details about the game, till then stay connected with us! In case you don’t wish to open the video on Twitter, we have the youtube link for the same!



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