Samsung’s next-gen chip technology delayed until 2022! Read to know more details here!


Samsung has planned to launch its next-generation chips in 2021 but then that was delayed until 2022 due to certain issues. All the consumers were waiting for Samsung’s fastest and efficient chip that was happened to be launched in 2021 but they have to wait further more months to reach it in 2022. This news was seen in its own forum on Wednesday. What are the factors that delay the launch? Why Samsung is not releasing it this year? etc questions will be answered here. Stay connected to know more information regarding the launch details here. Without much ado, let us dive into the topic!

Delay in the launch of next-gen chip: Samsung

It was said that Samsung will launch its new and advanced chip in the first half of 2025. Before that Samsung’s fastest power-efficient and electronics miniature chip will be launched in the early part of 2022. This information in the Forum of Samsung quenched the worries of the customers.

The main reason for the delay was, the important competent of Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing & Co postponed its launch of the newly designed chips. due to that Samsung also delayed its launch. This delay made the intel to be in ease and pressure-free to launch its own product with less competition.

Apart from this reason, there is another reason for the delay in launching. The reason is Processor shortage. Due to the shortage, the sales of PCs, laptops, mobiles, online services, etc ran out of data centers. Apart from this, the lack of chip availability boosted the demand in the manufacturing of electric cars, smartphones, PCs, etc. This shortage dropped down the manufacturing rate and most of the manufacturers delayed their new product launch to the upcoming year.

Manufacturers note to customers: Samsung

Samsung spoke with its customers by letting them know about the official launch of its chips and gave a proper explanation of the ongoing shortage. Samsung said that it will take 9-12 months to bring the situation normal from this shortage of processors. It was said that this will approximately take till 2022.

It was not that easy as a theoretical way of explanation. It is one of the difficult things to do. The manufacturing of chips is the most difficult thing in this technological world. It is also one of the major reasons for the delay in the launch. It takes at least a year to complete so only it is announced to be launched a year after.

Chip package: Samsung

The packaging of chips was followed by using Moore’s law. But is tasked much time to finish so many new alternative key methods were found. One such method is connecting various chiplets to the main processor. There are more types of packages. 2.5D is the edge-to-edge connection of the chiplets and the processor. 3D is the sandwich connection of a chip that was placed on the other chip. 3.5D is the combination of 2.5D and 3D. The manufacturing of chips is very difficult as the components in it are less than the spec of dust in size.

Advantage: Samsung

The very advantage of using a 3.5D chip is, it is useful for graphics, supercomputing processes, artificial intelligence, etc. This leads to heterogeneous integration which is the variety of chips combined to form a new one that aids a lot and speeds up the process. Stay tuned for more information!


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