Watch the Pixel 6 Pro get put together and taken apart in leaked videos!! The trending video has got everybody’s eyes!


    Yes! Yes! We saw the leaked video that is getting viral day by day but what has it to do with anything? Well everyone is confused about that as the video doesn’t seem to be for the general public but it is made in such a way that it feels that it might be for the public but why has theGoogle published such a video related to Pixel 6 pro well that is remained to answer.

    Why this vide0?

    Recently, Google Pixel 6 Pro video got leaked and went viral among people. The most common question people have is why Google has released this video, what is their intent behind it? But even though we don’t know what is the reason behind it, we still found people taking a keen interest in the video as it is very intriguing to see how the phone gets together and dismantle. Although the official release of the video is removed from the internet as you know folks are pretty much techy these days and they have the video with them which is getting circulated.

    Google Pixel Pro 6

    This is the company’s most successful mobile launch which got more highlighted due to the video. Google has launched two phones and even two videos later got removed. Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will have a plethora of new software features and a few are mentioned in this video. We also have some new images of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro that show that Google has finally created a phone that looks beautiful and can compete with Samsung and others when it comes to aesthetics. Google also confirmed that the launch event for the Pixel 6 will take place on October 19th.

    Leaked Video

    We saw the leaked video but unfortunately, it is removed, so in case you have missed it, we are going to write down the whole procedure which was present in the video and even going to drop a link to it. Here’s everything that was mentioned in the video line by line.

    • In the two grooves area that is shown in the picture apply lubricant Sankol to the grooves.
    • Assemble the microphone 1 bracket and avoid touching its membrane during assembly.
    • Press for 3 seconds and tear the release paper.
    • Assemble the bottom speaker and be careful! The speaker bracket is properly snapped past the enclosure rib
    • Peel the microphone 1 yellow mylar from the MLB and remove the microphone 3 protective film.
    • Insert USB into the enclosure and put MLB completely into the closer and slightly fold the flex. Push the MLB into the retaining wall.
    • Push the MLB into the retaining wall. Apply lubricant Sankol to all rubber of the sim tray and hold the MLB and insert the sim tray. Place the R4 screw cover on the R4 enclosure holder and check the connector so that it is buckled to the MLB.

    We have provided brief detail about the pieces that have to be put together and for more details, we are dropping the link over here so that you know what was the video actually about.



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