Blue Origin postpones William Shatner’s space flight by a day! Read this to know when is the launching date and more details here!


It is a dream for all the youngsters who got inspiration from the great astronauts. There are many people who buried their dream of becoming an astronaut and doing a job for name’s sake. When the world is moving in this direction here is a piece of astonishing news regarding the space travel of an old man who is 90 years old. How did he achieve this place? Why is he so special and a piece of hot news that hovers on the internet? Is it intentional? When is the launch date? Are there any changes in the launch date? etc are the questions that were imposed to answer. Without much ado, let us discuss this here!

 Postpone of William Shatner’s Spaceflight:

As per the topic, it is true that the spaceflight of William Shatner is postponed. As soon as people heard this news, they were confused. It is because there is no quarrel, no commotion, no objections, no restrictions, no illegal approach, no astronauts shortage, etc. But then why do they postponed the launch? It was the question that hunted everyone’s mind. Then the spaceflight company Blue Origins announced that they will postpone the launch from October 12th to October 13th of this year.

Reason for the delay in launching the spaceflight:

Here the spaceflight company gives reason for the delay in launching. It was due to the bad weather condition. The weather in Texas where Blue Origin planned to launch their second crewed flight of NS-18. Unfortunately, it was postponed to the next day of the planned day due to high winds in that launching area. This may create a great misconnection or any unpredictable damages while travelling to space. So to avoid such risks, the launch was delayed to the next day. If that bad weather is prolonged then the launching date may be changed to some other day when the weather is good for launching.

The very hot news that attracted people to pay more attention to this news is, Shatner who is an old man who is 90 years old. He is mostly known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek. It was so odd that he was the only oldest person to travel to space. Other than him, the rest are young who can tolerate the uneasiness which will affect the astronauts usually. But what attracted the people was, will this old man can resist the space sickness caused during the launching process and landing process. He was the brother of Jeff Bezos. Bezos is the owner of the Blue Origin Spaceflight Company, Texas.

Bezos went to space for the first time in June 2021 with a crew named New Shepard NS-18. It was said that NS-18 is ready to launch, Astronauts are also ready to go to space. But the weather is the villain to travel. this weather is the common villain for the planned launches. By the way, the Blue Origin Spaceflight Company is a private one. Due to that, the owner of the company let his brother Shatner go to space.

Let us all wait till the launch and cheer the astronauts to return safely to earth without any damages. Stay tuned for more information!


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