Google TV is adding personalized profiles and watchlists SOON! Check this to know about the launch date, features and more details here!


Google TV is the latest generation model that is welcomed by many people who are mostly technology lovers. As time moves on with the improvement in culture, the technology is also increasing rapidly in another direction. It developed very fast than the pace of culture. People still fear a lot regarding the internet even living in this modern world. Among such tension, what is Google going to lunch? What is the specialty in it? Etc are the questions that stand in the minds of people. To answer these questions, let us know some common features and more details about the product that is ready to launch. Without much ado, let us I’ve into the topic.

Google TV add-ons:

The new features that are added to the Google tv are, Custom profiles, watch lists, personalized google assistant help. These are not exactly the new features but they exist in Google tv for multiple uses for the various account holders. It is very helpful for using the google tv features for multiple accounts.

Formerly, Google tv boosted a “sign into” multiple google accounts for using services more than one account. But the other activities were based on the primary account. The other activities or features like custom profiles, watch lists, google assistant help, etc were done only through the primary google account.

Updates that are made in Google TV:

As we discussed in the above passage, it was sure that google tv has to undergo certain updates. So the google tv has undergone certain updates and came back with full form. The updates are, profiles and watchlists in a personalized way.

Coming to the update of profiles, it is cool that the profiles will start rolling out next month on Chromecast with Google TV and Sony TVs. These features will be launched after this month approx. Next month.

Apart from this, the word, ‘Glanceable Cards’ which are meant to be launched after this month. And it shows the weather condition, news highlights, sports stat, everything on the display of personalized information on an idle TV.

To add more excitement to the development, everyone knows that the fan also has a remote to control. And in the same way, Google thought differently. What if the TV has a remote through which we can talk with someone, chat with someone, can be used for ordering food, etc. Don’t you get it yet? Well, let me explain to you what is it. That remote is nothing but your cell phone or mobile phone. In this modern world, people take their mobiles to restricted areas where one should not disturb the peaceful atmosphere there.

Last month this mobile remote app was launched to be an alternate for the real remote. As soon as this remote came, people were quite confused. To clarify your doubts, people first need to install the Google Home app on Android phones and iOS. And then the mobiles can be used as remotes and that can be operated from where ever the signals reach.

In addition to these updates, Google TV also added the Philo Live TV tab in Google TV as it is affordable than YouTube TV and Sling TV. Stay tuned for more information here!


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