Japan’s new PM wants to restart Nuclear Power in the Country! Read this to know more about the speech delivered by the PM of Japan here!


It creates a great horror in the minds of everyone who have heard of the disastrous event in Japan. It is still in everyone’s eyes. It is an unforgettable event. That event is the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown. It took the lives of many people very silently. Before the incident fades, there came another incident in the form of a tsunami. That tsunami took the lives of many people again but this time it came very violently. That tsunami caused 3 nuclear power plant meltdowns in the same Fukushima, Daiichi. From then the nuclear power plants were closed till now from 2013. But it is a hot topic in Japan as the new PM’s vision provoked a great commotion. Without much ado, let us look at what did he spoke in the meeting is discussed here.

PM of Japan’s vision on nuclear power plants:

It was a last-minute game-changing event in the election process. He is the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. It was his party’s 61st-time success in ruling Japan through a democratic election. When he got elected as the PM of Japan, he was supposed to deliver a speech regarding his success in an election in front of people. So he did it yesterday. In his speech, he spoke about many things regarding the development of Japan. In that development process, he spoke about the restart of nuclear power plants again in Japan.

This is literally a piece of shocking news for people who faced that great disaster in their life and struggling to forget their loss in that disaster. But the new government makes it difficult for the people to overcome that depression. In 2011, Fukushima Power Plant was accidentally meltdown and took the lives of many people in and around the power plant. That thing made the unerasable mark in the minds of every people in Japan.

The PM said that Japan must develop in many ways. For that, the available electricity will not be enough when more improvements have happened in Japan in the future. For that improvement, it is mandatory to have more electricity as the country will need more electricity for the future use of advanced gadgets. But that may not be obtained from coal or wind or thermal energy. That may be obtained from nuclear energy. Experts said that nuclear energy will emit the very least number of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Due to that, the PM of Japan wanted to plant many nuclear power plants in Japan.

But many experts and critics say that this is not a good idea as too many people were dead due to the accidental behavior of nature. So people fear a lot. Not everyone will fear but some may fear and question a lot about the restart of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. This is the first time for the PM of Japan to face arguments in parliament without thinking twice or thrice he started to state the information of restart of the nuclear power plant. This leads to where no one knows. But it is for sure that there arises a great commotion and makes the place with full of mind mess. No one knows beyond this. So stay tuned for more information here!


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