Another apple event: Oct 18 could unleash next-gen Silicon Macs! Click to know more details about the apple’s new release of this month!


There is a piece of surprising news for all the people. It is the new product that was added to the list of products getting released this month. Yes! People are excited to get the new products of apple as they are happy and satisfied with the products of apple which were released last year. Those products are Mac computers with Intel chips and some new models of iPads were launched in the fall of the year. Here the apple company is planning to launch their new products of the year in the fall of this year. The list of products that are going to be launched this year is listed in this article with the main focus of the Mac chips of Apple! Without much ado, let us discuss this topic here!

Apple’s new Silicon Mac:

It is very new this time that the Apple company has planned to launch their new products through online mode in their company’s website. This is very new and for the first time, it is happening in the history of the Apple company. But when the focus turns towards the pandemic it is safer to launch in online mode than launching the new products in offline mode. Apple is not going to launch one product this year. It has planned to launch three to four products this year. Among them, Apple has planned to launch their company’s first time manufactured chips for computers and laptops instead of using the chips of Intel. Everyone has a question in their mind. It might be, Why does Apple need to manufacture their chips suddenly? Here is the answer to your question!

Last year when intel launched its product, it criticized the products of apple and so did Microsoft. Apple was not so happy about this behavior of Intel and Microsoft. It was so disgraceful for Apple. due to that, they decided not to depend on anybody for anything. So they wanted to create their chips for their computers, laptops, and so on products that needed chips to function.

When Apple launched their own chip fixed computer, the critics and people were very happy to use that product and gave an optimistic review. Their review attracted more customers to get their products. These reviews and a lot of purchases made the apple company have a high income and got more profit for the last year. This leads the apple company to stay in the first position among the traders.

There spread a rumor among the public and on the internet that Apple will launch their new variant of M1chip under the name M1X chip. there also said that it will be fast in performance and very ample in battery duration. Both qualities attracted numerous consumers and critics to give reviews and enjoy their ordered products. So now the consumers are very much excited to buy the next generation silicon Macs. That also it will be released in few days. So it is not the days for waiting alone. It is the day for counting down the arrival date.

Here is a video clip on release news for your convenience. Stay tuned and connected with us here for more information!


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