Astronomers discover extraordinary unknown radio signal from the heart of Milky Way! Read to know what the researchers said here!


Our planet earth encounters numerous radio signals from space. Before technology improves we humans don’t know that numerous radio signals are reaching the earth. After a little improvement, scientists can figure that there is something unusual happening in space. They get signals from nowhere and could not figure out the actual message that the signal carried with it. Now the technology has improved way better than in the past. Though there are some improvements in technology, still scientists can’t figure who is sending these signals and where these signals come from? When humans lie in this confusion, here is another signal that pushed scientists into the sea of confusion. Without much ado, let us discuss what the confusion is?

Anonymous signals from Milky Way:

When scientists are engaged in their new research, they encountered a new signal from space. When the signal arrives, they recorded and noted the time frame, pattern, frequency, density, and so on related to the physics kinds of stuff of the signal. Then they started to find where does this signal come from. They found that this signal came from the heart of the Milky Way. This signal was first thought that might be from the inactive star (a rapid spinning neutron) or the star which emits solar flares.

Then the scientists found that there is something odd from the results. They find no similarity in the signals. The random signal is not from the dead star or the solar flares emitting star. They are sure in it as the signals did not match with the frequency. Then they found another new thing from the signal. That is the signal appears, brightens, slows down, fades, and disappears. Again it appears, brightest and so on. The time gap that the signal appears has no coordination. It appears randomly.

When the scientists saw the signal first, they were confused. They were confused that under which category does this signal be allotted. Then they found a clue to find the root. That clue is, the signal is high in polarization. Polarization means, the light travels in one direction but with time the direction rotates. So it is the polarization that the obtained signal possesses. It is a clue that the scientists found after great research. The student of physics at Sidney University said that the signal switches on and off without any time coordination. It reaches the earth randomly.

After finding the signal’s speciality, the scientists named it ASKAP J173608.2-321635. It is so mouthful to pronounce. So in a le man’s term, it was named as Ghost. That ghost signal was founded by the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder Radio Telescope. Though this telescope has 32+ dishes that work as one telescope. This extraordinary telescope is located in Western Australia. With the help of this innovative telescope, those ghost signal was found. With the help of that telescope, scientists found that the signal is strong and it is from the centre of the milky way. It was believed that the centre of the milky way has a black hole that originates the circular motion of the milky way. Still, the research is going on furthermore seriously in finding the birthplace of this signal.

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