Fortnite Graveyard Drift Quest pack leaked! Read to know what are all the things were in that leaked pack benefits gamers here!


It is a crucial time for the animators who animated the game Fortnite graveyard. Playing a game is what thrills the players but many don’t know what are all the efforts make that game thrilling and interesting. Without knowing that many people will scold, shout, yell at the creators on the internet by using rubbish words to hurt them as their desired game was not out. Though that game was out, people will give negative remarks even for menial problems (it is acceptable to show their anger on the creators as the consumers paid a lot of money) but can we say it is the mistake of the creators which can be rectified? Well, what if their careless mistake benefits us? Will you encourage it? or Will you restrict it? (Obviously, mistakes should be restricted strictly). Here we will discuss the mistake from the creator part that benefited the consumers. Without much ado, let us discuss the topic here!

Fortnite Graveyard Drift pack Leaked:

The game Fortnite graveyard drift was leaked before the release date accidentally. When consumers were surfing the net, they came up with the leaked content of the game. It was opened for few hours. the consumers were tried to buy the package. Unfortunately, they could not buy that package as it was canceled from the portal within few hours after release. Though it was canceled for now it will be released after a few days or months. So be calm and patient with this case and hope for good to happen.

You might be thinking that how this leak of content will benefit the gamers? Well here is the answer to your question. When the content was released prior to the release date accidentally, the content and the package that consists of what is noted by many bloggers aka gamers, critics, content writers, etc to convey people and make them be alert to purchase that package without fail when it was released. Here you will come to know what are all the package consists of and what will the players get after purchasing that package. Come on! Let us see what surprise does it have!

First, the package consists of many unexpected but surprising items. It includes Driftwalker’s skin style with stealth, Regal’s skin style, broken wings back bling, rifted edge pickaxe which was corrupted, tendrils glider which is also corrupted, etc. Not only this, you will come to know what are all the quest does a player will get after purchasing the package here.

After purchasing the package the player has to cross six times at least the level uncommon and rare. When the player crosses that level he or she will get 2000V bucks! That is awesome to hear! It is the only condition that the player has to follow to get his desired 2000v bucks. Coming to the price of the package, it costs $15.99 which is worth buying. And the package is supposed to release on October 18th, 2021. It may vary as the shop must reset its issue and rectify the mistake which was happened accidentally. Well, everything happens for good! let us hope that good happen to us. Here is the clip for your convenience. Stay tuned and connected with us for more information!


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