Google has released a feature upgrade for large-screen devices. – Android 12L from Google!


Google has announced Android 12L. This is what the company calls “a drop of special features that improve Android 12 on the big screen.” In short, Android 12L is designed for large screen devices such as tablets and clamshell phones.
Google has improved the large display user interface (UI) with the Android 12L update, including notifications, quick settings, lock screen, overview, home screen, and more. Google says it has over 600 density-independent pixels (DP) screens displaying notification screens, lock screens, and other system interfaces in a new two-line layout to maximize screen space. Insist.

Android 12 will bring five important features to your smartphone

Google has also improved its system apps to provide a better experience for its users. A new taskbar has also been added to the widescreen screen, allowing users to quickly switch between their favorite apps. You can also easily switch between split-screen mode and full-screen mode using the taskbar.
Google emphasized large format devices when the new operating system was launched, arguing that Android 12L brings a better experience for everyone. Google has released Android 12 Developer Preview. This allows testers to try out new big-screen features and leave comments. Notifications, quick settings, lock screens, overviews, home screens, and other features all have an improved user interface for the new operating system.

To run the app in split-screen mode, simply drag and drop the app from the taskbar.

Android 12L allows all apps to switch to split-screen mode. This is especially useful when working with foldable phones.
Android 12L`s new taskbar
allows users to switch programs quickly. The taskbar also supports split-screen mode, which allows users to drag and drop apps
in split-screen mode. In addition, Google allows all applications to provide split-screen functionality to take advantage of larger screen areas. Google also mentions advanced compatibility modes such as richer visual sensation and more stable performance on large screen devices. Below is an image of a UI pattern that corresponds to the principles of Android 12L Material Design.
Google’s Play Store has also been updated to emphasize apps that are optimized for large screens. The business will provide new checks to evaluate the quality of each app against Google’s large-screen app quality guidelines. Large screen-specific app ratings can also be found. All of these changes will become apparent beginning next year.


In a blog post, the company announced that the Android 12L feature will be released early next year in time for the next wave of Android 12 and foldable tablets. The Android 12L Developer Preview is already available in the emulator and will be released shortly for Lenovo’s Tab P12 Pro. A public beta for
Pixel users will be released in the near future, and this update will be available on smartphones, but most features are hidden on a small screen.
According to Google, about 100 million Android tablets were activated last year. This is a 20% increase over the previous year. Over the same period, Chrome OS designed for Chromebooks has grown over 90%. Summing up the number of foldable devices manufactured by different companies, the total number of devices that could benefit from the Android 12L operating system is 250 million.


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